• Diane Tijman


    Diane has been involved in second language education for over thirty years as a French teacher and language coordinator in Richmond School District. She has served on the CASLT, BCATML and BCLCA, as secretary, vice-president and president, all with the focus on second language education.

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  • Patti Holm

    Past President

    Patti has been extensively involved in French immersion at the school level. She has taught French immersion and Core French programs during her 35 year career as a teacher, language coordinator, and elementary principal, and vice principal.

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  • Greer Cummings


    Greer is an Ottawa native who moved west with her Montreal born parents in 1987, planting the seeds of her interest in bridging and blending the cultural heritages of eastern and western Canada. She works to help promote and enhance the French second language experience of Canada’s youth as ambassadors of our future.

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  • Darian Pang

    Youth Director and Treasurer

    Darian graduated from École Panorama Ridge in Surrey in 2012. For the next two years, she was Surrey chapter’s Youth Liaison and advised Surrey high-school students about French outside-the-classroom learning opportunities in the Lower Mainland. She is presently in her last year at SFU majoring in French.

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  • Marguerite Kuiack

    Yukon Representative

    Marguerite feels passionate about the value of second language education and accessibility for everyone and all four of her children have become bilingual through different avenues. Her hope is to share the Northern rural perspective.

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  • Shawna LaRade

    Board Member at Large

    Shawna has been a member of CPF since 2011 when her oldest daughter started kindergarten. She has participated in the Cranbrook Fernie Chapter board as a Director, Secretary Treasurer and President and is committed to supporting our children in their learnings of French Canadian language and culture.

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