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CPF BC & Yukon supports 46 chapters operating in local communities throughout BC and the Yukon.

Local chapters represent our thousands of members, giving us a strong voice at all levels of government.

Chapter volunteers:

  • Organize extra-curricular French language activities and events such as film festivals, reading clubs, field trips, winter carnivals, spring break and summer camps
  • Provide information and resources for parents and children
  • Work with school districts, principals, and teachers; represent parents on French Advisory Committees
  • Recognize student success through awards, gift exchanges, and local public speaking competitions
  • Welcome new volunteers and new ideas

Ways to support French language education in British Columbia


    Our members are the driving force of CPF BC & Yukon. Members bring new energy, new perspectives and new enthusiasm. 80% of your membership fee goes right back to your local chapter! Click here for more info about CPF Membership.


    Your local chapter is always looking for volunteers to help animate events, manage their web presence and support French classes at school. Contact us to get in touch with your local chapter representatives!


    Have fun in French with these engaging resources!


    A renewable, one time, or Legacy donation is a great way to ensure that French language education can offer your community’s youth the bilingual advantage. Click here for more information.

As a CPF supporter you are taking an active part in the educational and personal growth of students in BC & Yukon. Canada’s two Official Languages are stronger because of your support. Merci!

  • Find a Chapter


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  • Starting a Chapter

    You can help bring CPF activities to your community!

    Do you live in a community that is not currently being served by a CPF chapter? It could be up to you to start one!

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  • Deposits

    If you would like to breakdown of a deposit from the branch, please click the article below based on the deposit date. Please also note that you will need a good standing in order to get the deposit. To find out how to be in a good standing, please review this page.

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  • Chapter Orientation Resources

    There are some helpful guides for Chapter executives in the CPF BC Yukon Chapter Manual. Please feel free to contact us if you need help with setting up an agenda, running a meeting or anything else. CPF BC & Yukon chapters are encouraged to download and use any sections that they wish.

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  • Chapter Fundraising Resources


    CPF Chapters are encouraged to consult the resources below for fundraising & grant application purposes.

      1. BC Gaming Grant Resource 2. Chapter Fundraising tips & ideas

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  • Logos & Templates

    Letterhead, logos, and other resources for your use.

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  • Chapter Representative Updates

    Monthly news for chapters.

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  • Chapter Reporting

    In order to receive chapter support from the office, regular CRU bulletins and notices, your Chapter rebate, socio-cultural grants and Concours subsidies, all of your Chapter contact information and reporting must be up-to-date.

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  • Tips on Hosting an Information Night

    The following are some suggestions for CPF chapters to use in association with school districts.

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  • CPF Membership Drive

    Renew or Join today!

    Remember 80% of your membership fee goes right back to your local chapter! That means more fun events in schools, more resources for parents, teachers and students, and more extra-curricular activities in French for our kids!

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  • CPF Boutique

    CPF merchandise, exclusive offers to CPF members, and much more!

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