Here are some helpful resources for Chapter executives. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, or if you need a bit more help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  And, please! CPF BC & Yukon encourages our chapters download and use any section you wish!

• Chapter Formation, Operation, Governance

These resources talk about the operations of CPF BC Yukon Chapters, including policies and procedures, roles and responsibilities, and information about key supports for French Second Language Learning.

The CPF BC Yukon Chapter Manual is a comprehensive compendium addressing virtually every aspect of operating a chapter.

All chapters and the branch adhere to in the CPF BC Yukon Provincial Branch By-Laws. To ensure that your chapter is in compliance, this Template Chapter Bylaws can help lead the way. What every chapter needs to know about the CPF BC & Yukon Branch Bylaws will light the way!

Just joined your chapter board? You’ll find what you need to know as a member of your Chapter’s Board of Directors in the Chapter Executive Guide.

Chapter reporting and a description of how membership fees rebates are returned to their chapters is discussed in Chapter Responsibilities.  

• Chapter Websites

Each CPF BC & Yukon Chapter has a website! It’s hosted by the branch, and is a pre-designed template that’s very easy to use. Need some guidance on how to best make use of your chapter webpage? The CPF BC Yukon Chapter Website Manual shows the way!

• French Advisory Committtee

Have you heard about French Advisory Committees? The French Advisory Committee Guide outlines what a FAC is, recommends objectives and answers operational questions such as stakeholder involvement and the scope of oversight. It also summaries what the Federal French Funding Guide is, and how it relates to French second language learning in your school district, and the breakdown of federal funding allocated to each BC school district.

For more info on FACs, click here!