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CPF Merchandise

To buy CPF merchandise, go to CPF National’s Resource Order Form.

NOTE: The stores and websites listed here do not necessarily reflect CPF’s views or opinions. CPF is not responsible for the content of any of the websites/resources and does not endorse these stores or the provider of the website or any products it offers. N.B. some websites are available in French only.

Having trouble finding French resources such as books, DVDs, CDs to purchase? Then check out websites of the stores, publishers, and companies listed below, many of which have the online stores and catalogues.

Stores in BC that have EXCLUSIVE OFFERS for CPF Members

World Kids Books is located in downtown Vancouver and offers a wide variety of French books and study materials in French materials for children of all ages and levels. CPF members receive 5% discount on any book in the store.

The national office has negotiated a deal for CPF members to receive a discount on this great new tool for FSL learners aged 9-15: the Myosotis FSL dictionary. CPF members will receive a 15% discount on this innovative product that is the first of its kind in Canada.
Visit the website to take advantage of this offer!

Save $5 on the bilingual book “O Canada: 10, 000 miles from Coast to Coast/16 500 km d’un océan à l’autre”! This an exclusive offer for Canadian Parents for French members. The cost for the book for CPF is $50 tax included (plus shipping and handling).

En Route Vers le SuccèsOffers Discount to CPF Members: En Route Vers le Succès is a series of grade-specific activity books (K – 7) designed specifically for Canadian French Immersion students. The books are written by Canadian teachers and feature eye-catching graphics, hands-on activities, and English information for parents. To learn more, visit: www.enrouteverslesucces.ca. CPF members who purchase these books can receive a 10% discount. To get the discount, please contact Michael Lewis at [email protected].

Others Stores in BC

Ergo Vancouver stocks ergonomic and related keyboards with Canadian French character sets.

Kidsbooks has a small selection of French language educational materials. They have an online store on their website and several locations in the Lower Mainland.

is a large Canadian book chain that sells both French and English language books, music, games, videos, and gifts.

La Place French offers after-school French programs in Victoria, BC and an online collection of educational resources (French dictionaries, encyclopaedias, homework books, CDs and games) specifically for students in French Immersion and Francophone programs.

Oui For Kids is an online French language children’s bookstore based in Victoria, BC that sells high quality books, music, educational software and teacher resources.

School House Teaching Supplies is a Victoria based store that offers educational books, materials and games for teachers, parents and students.

Tire Lire is the Conseil scholarie francophone de la Colombie-Britannique’s resource Centre. This site is only available in French.

Usborne Books at Home has a large list of French books that doesn’t stop growing!

Online Stores

The Alberta Learning Resource Centre is an excellent source of resource books for French Immersion parents. They publish and sell the “Yes You Can Help! Information and Inspiration for French Immersion Parents” book. Search for “French Immersion” in their search box to find various resource materials they have for sale for sale.

Archambault is a company based in Quebec that sells French music, books, videos, video games, software.

CanLit – Books For Kids and Teens is a book wholesaler and online store that has been in business since 1996. We sell recently published Canadian books to school libraries across Canada, including French titles.

Ecoledesmax.com is a online store that offers a mail out of an age appropriate French book, each month for eight months. This site is only available in French.

Éditions (À reproduire) Éditions de l’Envolée specialize in edition and the distribution of French teaching materials. Their catalogue is composed mainly of complementary material developed by teachers or those with teaching skills.

En Route Vers Le Succès are curriculum support books for French Immersion students. Over the past five years, they have produced and sold more than 100,000 student activity books in English, based on Canadian curriculum expectations (JK-Grade 7). In response to requests from parents, they have just converted six of our books (Grade 1-6) for French Immerson students. Our format has some instructions for parents in English, and almost all student activities in French. You can preview these French Immersion books at www.enrouteverslesucces.ca.

Firefly Books sell a small selection of French Language books.

Le Français Fantastique sells French resources for French language teachers.

Francotunes is a website where you can listen and buy Canadian Francophone music.

Frenchteacher.com sells reproducible resources, by French teachers for French teachers.

The French Bookstore / La Librairie Française is an online access point for finding and ordering thousands of French language materials.

La Grenouille Verte distributes and sells francophone products.

Infrench.com is a small company in based in Quebec that sells French language books online.

Jelis.ca sells francophone e-Books. This site is only available French.

Librairie du Centre sells French languages books and novels. This site is only available in French.

Livres, Disques, Etc. is online store based in Ottawa that sells French books and cultural products. This site is only available in French.

Myosotis Press
publishes Collection Myosotis a series of 18 readers intended for Intensive and Core French students. This collection is written by 11 experienced French teachers from across Canada, and is based on a concept of literacy specific to the second-language learning : to READ is to recognize in print what can already be SAID in the language. Each reader comes with a Teacher’s Guide.

NFB Store allows you to access and purchase a large selection of DVD animation and documentaries in both French and English produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

Poster Pals has been creating quality posters, visual aids, incentives and reproducible resources for teaching French and Spanish since 1981.

Prolabec sells a selection of scientific posters, globes, maps and laboratory supplies in French and English.

Tralco-Lingo Fun produce, publish and sell second-language materials that supported textbooks. Most Tralco materials are French; however, German, Spanish, ESL, and Italian are also available. Their product line includes reproducible activity books, videos, music cassettes, games, incentives, computer software and CD-ROMs.

French Publishers and Other Companies

ACF is the exclusive Canadian non-theatrical public performance rights reporesentative for some of the world’s most prestigious movie studios and films.

Chenelière Éducation produces French language educational books and textbooks, which are available for purchase online. This site is only available in French.

Communication-jeunesse publishes an annual selection of the best books of the year by age category 0-4, 5-8, etc. Their focus is French mother tongue, but it is a useful resource in choosing books. This site is only available in French.

Criterion Pictures is the nation’s leading and largest rental distribution and licensing non-theatrical distributor of feature entertainment movies lisensed for public performance in Canada.

Les Éditions La Pensée produces French language educational books and materials which are available for purchase online. They are part of the Groupe Guérin. This site is only available French.

Les Éditions Marie-France produce French language education books and materials. This site is only available French.

Les Éditions Scolartek Inc. produces French activities books and sheets for teachers to use from pre-school to grade 6. This site is only available in French.

Les Éditions du Vermillion produces series of French educational books. You can access view their catalogue online. This site is only available in French.

Guérinproduces French language educational books and materials which are available for purchase online. They are part of the Groupe Guérin. This site is only available French.

LIDEC produces French language educational books and materials which are available for purchase online. They are part of the Groupe Guérin. This site is only available French.

Pearson Canada produces FSL educational materials for teachers.

Regroupement des éditeurs canadiens-français (RÉCF) is a group composed of Francophone publishers actively doing business outside of Québec.

RDL Publishing / Les Éditions RDL publishes and distributes linguistic and educational resources. They produce French verb wheels.

Usborne Books publish a selection a French language educational books. This site is only available in French.

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