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The following are some suggestions for CPF chapters to use in at events such as “welcome” events your Chapter hosts; at an information fair at school, or at the district level; at Francophone organizations with information events, or with tables / bulletin boards in their space, etc.


  • CPF brochures and promotional posters – available to order for free from CPF National’s website
  • Printouts: Why Join CPF, Membership Benefits, Membership Forms (docs provided below); copies of your local chapter newsletter; etc.
  • Display board of photos of your chapter’s FI activities (Concours; French Camp; French Film Festival, Carnaval d’hiver, etc.)
  • Students from the FI program who can speak about their FI experience
  • If possible, have videos profiles from CPF BC & Yukon’s “Where Are They Now” project playing on a monitor while people are arriving: a playlist of all “Where Are They Now/Où en sont-ils” videos is available here. “Where Are They Now” posters are available for download here)
  • Chapter executive members, especially school reps for the entry level(s) your district offers. CPF executive members should wear name tags so they are easily recognized. Be prepared to stay after the briefing to answer questions.
  • Prepare a sign-in sheet, sign-up sheet (available below) or evaluation sheet for parents so you can follow up with them afterward. Also you will be able to prepare a report for the district stating what parents thought of the presentation, what questions they had that weren’t answered and what they thought of the meeting facilities.
  • Share social media links to branch & national Facebook/Twitter accounts, and your chapter’s social media accounts if available
  • If possible, arrange for coffee/tea/water and cookies and for those bringing their children, some scrap paper and markers, or download some of the printable games below

Also beneficial would be short presentations by FI teachers (i.e. a day in the life of FI Kindergarten; Q & A for Middle School, Secondary) and students (a face to the program).

A School Board representative could mention how Early and French Immersion programs works, what help is available along the way, what grads will graduate with, etc.

The CPF President could talk about how French funding works, what the chapter can do to support parents and teachers, what the chapter offers (Concours, events, resources etc.) and how to become a member (see below for tips, templates and other documents).

You could also print out and display fun French fact sheets/games, especially if children will be at the meeting:
From CPF National:
Early Childhood Activity Workbook (Workbook for both parents and young children filled with fun and simple activities that introduce French to young children, along with facts for parents about French Immersion.)

From French for the Future:
Do you know these words? (list of English words with French origins)
Why Learn French? (fun facts about the French language)

From the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages:
Origami game (ways to make French part of your life)

From the Vancouver Aquarium Educational Resources section:
Colouring sheets in French

Chapter Executives — everything you need to promote the Membership Drive is right here!

As part of the start to a new school year, CPF runs its annual Membership Drive each fall, all across the country. CPF Chapters are integral to the drive, as you’re on the ground with the parents who are already members, and with those who hopefully will be!

Remember, your members are your best source of support for activities in your community. It’s also the best way to involve volunteers in all the activities you wish to organize for the year.

With that in mind, WHY should you run a strong membership drive? Because…

  • Our members form our network. The information they provide about issues, trends, successes, and failures is vital to our effectiveness. They give essential direction to our leaders about positions and activities to be undertaken.
  • Our members give us a voice. The opinions of scores at the chapter level, thousands at the provincial/territorial level, and many thousands at the national level count for more than the opinions of just a few. Every brief, request, or position taken by CPF leaders is only as strong as the number of members they represent!
  • Members bring new energy, new perspectives and new enthusiasm. We need new members to keep CPF alive, vital, and relevant.
  • Our members are also our volunteers. Without them we are unable to create and promote opportunities for young Canadians to learn and use French as a second language.
  • CPF is funded in part by its members, and the local chapter receives 80% of the membership fee. These resources allow chapters to fund activities at the local level that would not otherwise be possible.

Most CPF chapters and school representatives set up information tables at schools during the “Meet the Teachers” event or for a week at the end of the first month of school. That is when they have an opportunity to answer questions, sign up volunteers and sell memberships.

And please remember that we’re here to help. We have template letters, membership forms and other documents available online to help you prepare for the membership drive. Better still, we have a great set of tips on tried and trued strategies for recruiting new members. Let us know how we can support you though this membership drive, and through this new year. It promises to be a great year!

Documents, links & files for Chapters’ use during the Membership Drive:

Parent Welcome Package

  • 10 Reasons why you should join CPF
    You can customize this document in the top right corner, by inserting your Chapter name where it says city name in underlined italics
  • Welcome Letter for New French Immersion Parents
    This is a letter template that you customize to reflect your chapter activities and interests and can include in a Parent Welcome Package along with Wherever you see underlined italicized text you need to insert the correct information so that the letter contains:

    1. the correct contact information for your chapter
    2. the correct overview of activities that your chapter is involved with
  • CPF BC & YK Membership Pamphlet (Print version)
    For Parent Welcome Packages, and for your own community engagement and information-sharing, we’ll send you the brand new CPF BC & YK pamphlet. Just tell us how many copies you need. To help with calculating that number, consider how many you need for such uses as:

    • Parent Welcome Package – how many classrooms / students you’ll be able to reach to put in backpacks going home
    • At a Welcome! event your Chapter hosts
    • At an information fair at school, or at the district level
    • At Francophone organizations with information events, or with tables / bulletin boards in their space
    • Keep some on hand for unexpected promotional opportunities that arise
  • CPF BC & YK Membership Pamphlet (PDF Version)