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CPF Vernon is made up of parents, students, teachers, administrators and French fans in British Columbia’s Vernon School District #22, with an interest in French language and cultural learning. If you are grateful your children and grandchildren have access to French education, CPF is for you!

To learn a language, you have to live the language ~ Alec Boudreau, President, Fédération de la jeunesse canadienne-française.

CPF Vernon's goal is to support and promote French language and cultural learning opportunities in our community.

Our Chapter’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Position Statements align with CPF National,

CPF Vernon's Board of Directors:

President – Kim Williams

Vice President – Dörte Kargut

Treasurer – Kelly Gruner

Secretary – Cheryl Dowler

Director - Fabienne Winter

Director - Marie-Anick Duchesne


What we do!

Access Funding 

In order to receive funding for French language and cultural activities, we work closely with the CPF BC & Yukon Branch. Our Provincial Branch works with Heritage Canada and the Ministry of Education to provide financial support to volunteer-based Chapters like CPF Vernon. The number of memberships in Vernon is directly related to the amount of funding we can apply for and receive. The simplest way to support us - and ensure our funding and survival - is to please purchase a membership, merci!

Le Club - Reading & Games 

In partnership with the Okanagan Regional Library, Le Club pairs groups of children age 8 to 12 with Secondary French Immersion students to play board games and read all in French. Le Club allows students from three different French Immersion schools (Early Immersion, Late Immersion, and Secondary Immersion) to converge into one extracurricular program. In Fall 2018, the program ran one day a week for 7 weeks. The objectives are that the students speak at least 75% of the time in French, develop their French language skills, and participate in fun French language and cultural activities. French books, games, and a snack are provided, as well as a French speaking adult supervisor with a background in education. Contact us for more details.

Petites Connections Francaises

In partnership with WL Seaton Secondary teachers and staff, Petites Connections Francaises creates an opportunity for Secondary French students to meet during their lunch break and practice their French. In Fall 2018, the program ran one day a week for 5 weeks. The objectives are that the students converse entirely in French. To encourage French learning, French exchange students and FI teachers visit the group. Snacks, as well as a French speaking adult supervisor with a background in education is provided. Contact us for more details.

Skate with Bonhomme de neige

Skate with Bonhomme de neige at Vernon’s Winter Carnival. Grab you skates and helmet and celebrate Winter Carnival with French music and flair. Skating is FREE - with donation to the FOOD BANK - for everyone! Details in the Vernon Winter Carnival's Event Booklet and our Facebook Page.

Concours d’Art Oratoire

Concours d’art oratoire is a pan-Canadian French public speaking competition. In partnership with School District 22, over 800 French immersion students participate in Vernon classrooms. Students prepare and present a 3-5 minute speech on a subject of their choosing, all “en français!” CPF Vernon provides over 600 elementary students small awards to celebrate their success. Top students at the school-level Concours continue on to the Vernon District competition. Winners of the Vernon Districts continue on to the CPF BC & Yukon Concours d'art oratoire at SFU Surrey. Many scholarships and prizes are up for grabs.

French Summer Camps

We are proud to support Science en Français at the Okanagan Science Centre. Check out to learn more!

French Movies

In 2017, in celebration of Canada's 150, CPF Vernon organized a screening of La Guerre des Tuques at the Powerhouse Theatre. In collaboration with the Harwood and Beairsto PAC, Late and Early Grade 6 & 7 French Immersion students came together to share a classic French movie together. Teachers were put to the test and prizes were given away. With more volunteer help we hope to offer the experience again!

CPF Vernon’s Student Tutors

Our fantastic Seaton Secondary Le Club volunteers are also CPF Vernon’s student-tutors. Does your child need extra French help? Contact us!

Surprise FUN French Events
Sometimes our volunteers have some extra time and are feeling inspired. If you are a CPF Vernon member we will certainly notify you whenever one of our fantastic volunteers organizes a fun French event! Fall 2017, the inspiration is French Holiday Card Workshop. See photos of 2017's fabulous French cards on our Facebook Page.


In Spring 2018, we gave away a FREE WEEK of Science en Français at the Okanagan Science Centre. In the past, thanks to the Vernon Performaing Arts Centre, we have given away fabulous tickets to French theatrical performances. Keep connected with us to learn about upcoming contests!

CPF Vernon Volunteer Appreciation

We could not do all this work without our wonderful volunteers. If you have given 2 hours or 200 hours, we thank you. Once a year we take the time to come together to celebrate all those lovely people with big hearts! Merci!

Communication & Outreach

Our wonderful CPF Vernon Liaisons attend numerous meetings at all four of our French Immersion schools. Plus, we stay very connected to PAC’s, our local FAC, Principals, Vice Principals, administration and parents.

Hopes & Aspirations

We have the POTENTIAL to support the development of French cultural events film festivals, winter carnivals, youth activities, exchange programs, French summer camps, French summer reading programs, French books, French resources, and more – together we can bring French learning opportunities to our community!


Volunteer! We always always have small jobs or big jobs for you to help with, but we need to know you are willing to help. Contact us!

Buy a CPF Vernon membership - 80% of membership dollars supports programs in Vernon: 

SHOP at NATURE'S FARE! Deposit your receipts in our receipt dropboxes: Seaton Secondary, Beairsto Elementary, Harwood & Alexis Park. Plus our convenient location across the street from Natures at Triumph Coffee. We receive 3% back from all receipts donated! Thank you Nature's Fare!

SHOP at CO-OP Vernon Gas Bar! Every time you purchase items at the CO-OP - 3600 27 Street - use CPF Vernon's CO-OP Membership Number: 81907. A percent of your purchase will come back to us in a yearly cheque! It's simple, for you and for us! Look for our handy 'Shop & Support' card at all our bulletin boards (Beairsto, Harwood & Seaton).

With your support, we look forward to bringing you more amazing French fun... 

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Chapter News

Board of Directors' Meeting, Public 6:30 to 8:30 pm, Wednesday May 22 2019, Okanagan Regional Library, Vernon

Skate with Bonhomme de Neige at Vernon's Winter PIRATE Carnaval!
Date: Feb 2, 2019, 3pm to 5pm
Place: Kal Tire Place - North
Free skate with Food Bank donation

Volunteer Opportunities

Coordinating events
Board of Directors
School CPF Liaison: Harwood, Alexis Park, & Seaton
Le Club
Writing newsletters
District CPF Liaison
Staffing tables
Collecting and tallying Nature's Fare receipts
Skate with Bonhomme

Email us at [email protected] with your name, school, and any activities that peak your interest.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!


Cheryl Dowler - CPF Vernon Secretary

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