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What is the Advocacy Toolkit?

CPF Advocacy is...

…Organizing around a specific issue, building community support around an issue to influence decision makers, and advocating for French Immersion and for our children’s education.

The CPF Advocacy Toolkit Includes…

  • Online resource available to everyone
  • Series of documents, templates and guides that allow you to take advocacy in to your own hands
  • Using resources from these sources:
    • Existing Documents from CPF BC & Yukon Branch
    • Existing Documents from other Provinces
    • Learning from outreach and lobbying work done in the past in BC

Purpose of this Tool is…

  • To give beginners a good framework for how to conduct advocacy work
  • To give experts some new tips and tools
  • To make templates available
  • So we don’t have to reinvent the wheel – it’s important to share tactics and ideas that have worked in other regions
  • To get what we want!

Please note that this Toolkit is a continually evolving resource. The CPF – BC & Yukon Branch office is currently developing new pages and documents that will be added to the Advocacy Toolkit in the future. We are also aware that this resource must be adaptable to changes in our membership and issues faced within our many chapters, thus feel free to contact us with your feedback and suggestions!

Below are documents that have been complied for the Advocacy Tool Kit (for quick download).

Tips on Hosting a Parent Information Night

FAQ on French Immersion for Parent Information Nights

Addressing Attrition in French Immersion

Building Community Support

Checklist New Chapter Request

French Advisory Committees

Generic French Immersion Exit Survey (Attrition)

How to Lobby the School Board

Running an Effective Chapter

Sample French Immersion Interest Surveys

Sample Parent French Immersion Exit Survey (Attrition)

Sample Petition

Saving a Late French Immersion Program

Template Letter from CPF Rep to School Board Trustee

Template Media Release

Welcome Letter to New CPF Chapter Rep

Creating an Early French Immersion Program

Fundraising Guide

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas

How to Deal With a Program Which is Capped

How to Host an Effective Meeting

Media Guide

Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers

Talking Points Supporting FI and Example Letter to the Editor

Social Media Guide

Communicating Concern for FI Program Quality

CPF Information Package

Support for In-Class French-Language Education

Advocacy Sample – Saving Henry Hudson Dual Track FI from School Closure

Social Media Glossary

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