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Although CPF is a parent organization, teachers and school administrators make up an important part of CPF.

Whether it is teachers and principals hosting CPF events in a school setting or parents and teachers coming together to promote and advocate for FSL issues, teachers are undeniably an important demographic in providing accessible quality FSL education for students across Canada.

NOTE: The resources listed here do not necessarily reflect CPF’s views or opinions. CPF is not responsible for the content of any of the websites/resources and does not endorse the provider of the website or any products it offers. N.B. some websites are available in French only.

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Educator Organizations

L’Association canadienne des professeurs d’immersion (ACPI) supports and enriches French Immersion pedagogy by offering educators professional development, research and networking opportunities; and enriching experiences for students including contests and activities such as Concours national de poésie en immersion française and 70 activités motivantes de communication orale.

The Association canadienne d’éducation de langue française (ACELF), is a Canadian association for French-language education which offers resources plus information on exchanges and other opportunities for francophone teachers and students.

The Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT) provides access to great resources for FSL teachers.

BC Association of Teachers of Modern Languages (BCATML) promotes and advances the teaching of modern languages throughout British Columbia.

The British Columbia Language Coordination Association (BCLCA) is committed to advocacy of effective language and multicultural programs for all learners in BC.

APPIPC (Association provinciale de professeurs d’immersion et du programme francophone) is an organization of Francophone and French Immersion educators in BC.

BC Principals & Vice Principals Association is an autonomous organization of more than 95% of the province’s public school administrators.

BC School Trustees Association (BCSTA) is a non-profit organization representing all 60 of British Columbia’s boards of education.

BC School Superintendents Association (BCSSA) is an organization of school district leaders to foster the improvement of education for students in the K-12 public education system.

BC Teachers Federation (BCTF) is the union of professionals representing 41,000 public school teachers in the province of British Columbia, Canada. All public school teachers belong to the BCTF and their local teachers’ association.

Fédération des enseignantes et enseignants de la Colombie-Britannique (FECB) is the French-language equivalent of BCTF.

Bursary Programs

Many bursary programs are available to provide prospective and current teachers with more French-language learning opportunities.

British Columbia Ministry of Education

Start by reading the new Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines for Bursaries (PDF)

National Programs

  • Odyssey: This program offers full-time employment as language assistants in second (official) language classrooms. Applicants must have completed at least one year of post-secondary education.
  • ACUFC French Second Language Entrance Scholarship: The ACUFC (L’Association des Collèges et Universités de la Francophonie Canadienne) offers 25 $5000 entrance scholarships for French Second Language students to continue their studies in French. This bursary is available to students who have completed their studies in French Immersion, Core French or Intensive French and have been accepted into one of the 13 participating ACUFC schools.

Canadian Parents for French BC & Yukon Teacher Award

  • Since 1992, CPF BC & Yukon has been proud to offer a financial award to one or two university students completing their post-secondary education studies and planning to teach French as a second language (immersion, intensive, or core) in BC or Yukon. The award is valued at $2,000, and up to two awards are granted each year. The deadline is in May of each year, and the results are announced each October. More info

French Teacher Training in BC

SFU Professional Development Program French Module prepares students for teaching in elementary and secondary schools in British Columbia in Core French, French Immersion and Programme francophone.

UBC French Teacher Education Program: BEd Secondary and Elementary options are available for French language teaching opportunities in Core French, French Immersion,  and  Programme francophone.

Professional Specialization Certificate in Teaching French Immersion at the University of Victoria. The program is open to in-service and pre-service teachers in British Columbia and beyond and provides them with the methodological knowledge and French language fluency necessary to be a highly effective teacher in the French Immersion environment.

Employment Resources

Make a Future is the official job board for BC public schools and BC First Nations schools.

Le Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique (CSF) is British Columbia’s francophone school board. View current teaching opportunities on their job board.

Language/Professional Development Opportunities

Institut de Français, UBC à Québec Three-week immersion program for teachers offered every July in Quebec City. The program is designed to respond to the needs of all French second language teachers, both experienced teachers and those just entering the profession.  Bursaries are available for BC teachers.

UBC Continuing Studies French Summer Institutes If you are looking to make great strides in your language skills, UBC’s three-week intensive program provides an immersion experience unique in Vancouver.  Bursaries are available for BC teachers.

La Maison Française (LMF) at the University of Victoria  An intensive, 5-week non-credit French immersion program in Victoria.  Bursaries are also available to BC teachers, many of whom choose to take this program as a refresher course in the summer.

SFU Bootcamp FrancoFUN In a relaxing atmosphere, this Core French Teaching Camp offers a wide range of curriculum-centered, interactive linguistic and cultural activities allowing Core French teachers to practice their French skills, network with colleagues and focus on resources (activities and strategies) for their classrooms. Spring and Summer sessions are available.

BC Association of Teachers of Modern Languages Pro-D page Visit this page for upcoming professional development opportunities for Second-Language Teachers in British Columbia.

PSA SuperConference 2017  Super Conference 2017 was a celebration of the BC Teachers’ Federations’ (BCTF) hundredth year, held in Vancouver, October 2017. Discover all the presentation materials here.

ACPI Institut d’été à Nice L’Association canadienne des professionnels de l’immersion (ACPI) organizes this week of professional development in the South of France each July: enjoy workshops and cultural activities in the company of engaging French Immersion experts.

University of Ottawa: Summer University for FLS/FSL Teachers  The University of Ottawa’s Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI) offers summer professional development workshops for FSL elementary and secondary teachers of Core French, Extended French, Intensive French, and Immersion. This program is open to all Canadian teachers and also to teachers from abroad. View 2017 Brochure.

French Embassy in Canada: Resources for educational institutions and teachers

Resources for schools and universities: Develop an educational partnership with a French institution; offer training opportunities to your teachers, your students, and their parents; hire French language assistants; become a Diplômes d’Etude en Langue Française (DELF) examination centre; or involve your institution or your students in cultural and scientific projects involving France and the Francophonie

Hiring a French language assistant in Canada: Thanks to this language assistant program, Canadian schools and universities have the opportunity to invite a French student into their classroom. These students are generally in the later stages of their courses of study and pursuing a career in education. The general objective of the program is to make it possible for Canadian institutions of learning to offer their students an open view of the French-speaking world and insight into the culture of the country of Molière, Hugo, and Zola.

Teaching Assistant Program in France for Canadian participants (TAPIF): Find out how to acquire an invaluable experience, develop your language skills, and experience French culture by taking part in TAPIF, the program that offers teachers the opportunity to work in France for a period of seven months teaching English to students of all ages.

Resources for French teachers in Canada: Find teaching French-language resources for your classroom, look for professional development programs, get your students involved in cultural and scientific projects involving France and the Francophonie, or arrange for an exchange with a teacher in France.

DELF & DALF Certification:Test and certify your French-language skills with the DELF (diplôme d’études en langue française) and DALF (diplôme approfondi de langue française) examinations, or become a DELF examiner, scorer or trainer.

France-Canada Youth Mobility Agreement: For Canadian citizens, between 18 and 35 years old. This agreement aims to simplify and facilitate the administrative procedures applicable to young French and Canadian people who wish to visit the other country in order to improve their understanding of that country’s language, culture, and society through an experience focused on tourism, academic study, internships, or employment.

Learn French in France: Find French-government-certified certified learning centres in France.

Teaching Resources

The French Language Resource Centre is a one stop shop for learning and teaching resources. One of their useful online tools is their online Handbook for French Immersion Adminstrators This lengthy guide includes: details about How French Immersion Works, as well as information about French Immersion’s programs goals, key characteristics, immersion pedagogy, types of schools, delivery models, research findings, myths and facts and a historical overview of French Immersion.

Manitoba Education French Immersion Program has a variety of resources for school leaders about the French Immersion program, in their province, some of which can be taken out of the Manitoba context and applied to BC.

Le Centre franco-ontarien de ressources pédagogiques has created downloadable pedagogical tools for French language educators in Ontario.

Vers une approche intégrée en immersion New collaboration from Dr Roy Lyster, l’ACPI and Les éditions CEC. “Indispensable aux enseignants en immersion, cette ressource pratique vous propose un modèle, une démarche, des outils et des stratégies en plus d’inclure un DVD présentant des vidéos captées en salle de classe. Un incontournable de l’automne!”

The Language Portal of Canada offers an abundance of educational resources, educational materials, training organizations and information that enhances second official language teaching and learning in Canada.

FrenchStreet is a unique collection of French resources designed to support teachers, students and parents. This one-of-a-kind database provides French activities, programs and more that will enhance the French Second Language (FSL) experience in the classroom and in the community.

The Language Portal of Canada offers an abundance of educational resources, educational materials, training organizations and information that enhances second official language teaching and learning in Canada. Click here specifically for an extensive list of FSL resources.

IDÉLLO is a Canadian multilevel digital platform that offers educators, students and parents thousands of rich, up-to-date educational resources in French. BC schools can subscribe through BCERAC.

FRANCOLAB is a free web platform aimed at teaching the French language. Designed for students wishing to perfect their French, and for their teachers, it offers audiovisual content on a variety of themes, quiz games, Canadian television programs on cultural and social topics, and educational fact sheets developed by professionals for in-class and at-home use.

La Dictée P.G.L. is an international dictée directed towards elementary aged students learning French. Their online website offers an amusing way to improve written skills in French through various activities.

École branchée (formerly Infobourg) is a French information print magazine and online resource for teachers in Quebec. is useful for educators who teach Math, Science, Social Studies and other subjects in French.

Math Forum lists sites about math with French resources.

Questions d’habitude from Manitoba’s Direction des ressources éducatives françaises is fantastic (and funny) video series help fix fossilized French errors!

Verbathon has activity kits designed to make learning verbs and grammar fun and exciting.

CanLit for Kids Books Ltd. is a wholesaler of English and French Canadian books, established by a team of retired teacher-librarians. CanLit specializes in addressing the need for high quality Canadian books for elementary, middle and secondary school libraries across the country.

La Charte pour les enfants: French versions of the 14 books in The Charter for Children series which introduces children to the basic principles of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

L’école des Loisirs is the most important French publisher dedicated to literature for children and youth for over 50 years. The books are available with a subscription through the MAX Book Club, which is popular with schools and CPF chapters in BC. You can also listen to some of the books for free on the MAX Book Club site.

ArtStarts in schools is a unique not-for-profit organization offering educators, artists, parents and students a broad range of programs, services and resources to promote arts and creativity among BC’s young people.

Begbie Historical Society is a society made up of classroom social studies teachers from across Canada who would come together annually to prepare the a national Canadian History contest in both French and English.

FI language coordinators’ websites to Educator Resources (i.e. North Van’s)
UBC 2018 Education Career Fair (Jan 19, 2018)
DELF exam dates (to prepare for Teacher Ed applications)
Programmes et services français – BC Teachers’ Federation
UBC – MEd in Modern Languages Education
Séjour UBC – Weekend in French (December)
Bursary – Centre Linguistique du College de Jonquière
Globe & Mail article on Trois-Pistoles French Immersion experience
Western University’s French Immersion School in Trois-Pistoles
Mimi Masson
Parlons sciences
ACPI book & movie club for teachers
LesPlan current events resources in French

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