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Are you a parent looking to offer your child all the benefits of a dual-language education? You might feel a little overwhelmed with questions and uncertainties about French-second-language, or FSL, education. Even if you’ve already made the decision to enrol your child in an FSL program, you might be at a loss as to how you can help him or her succeed if you don’t speak French yourself.

CPF is here to help. We have many informative pamphlets and brochures that can help you pick the right program for the right child; and for parents whose children are already studying FSL, we have resources that can help you help your kids. We are primarily, first and foremost, a parent-oriented organization, so we are here for you and your family every step of the way.

Alliance Francaise is a non-profit organisation that offers French language courses, access to a multimedia library and organises cultural activities.

ArtStarts in schools is a unique not-for-profit organization offering educators, artists, parents and students a broad range of programs, services and resources to promote arts and creativity among BC’s young people.

BC Ministry of Education is committed to providing a high quality education for K-12 students in British Columbia.

BC Ministry of Intergovernmental Relations
works to ensure that British Columbia’s relations with the federal government, other provincial governments and international governments advance our interests.

BCCPAC (BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils) is a charitable non-profit organization that advocates for the best possible public education for all children in BC through the active involvement of parents. Our membership of over 1,000 includes parent advisory councils and district parent advisory councils in BC.

Canadian Club of Vancouver promotes Canadian identity and fosters Canadian unity. It encourages knowledge of Canada’s own history, honours native talent in the arts, sciences, business and public affairs, and – as stated in the original founding objectives – ‘fosters patriotic sentiment.’

French Trade Commission is a department of the French government.

Gouvernement du Québec is in charge of services and programs in the province of Quebec.

Government of Canada is a single point of access to all programs, services, departments, ministries and organizations of the Canadian government.

Industry Canada helps Canada’s businesses and consumers succeed by providing resources, programs and services.

Legislative Assembly of BC is one of two components of the Parliament of British Columbia.

Progressive Intercultural Community Services (P.I.C.S.) Society is a non-profit society, charitable organization and United Way member agency that seeks to build a healthy and just society which values all cultures.

Traditional Learning Academy assists with home-schooling and supports parents as the primary educators of their children.

Yes, You Can Help! Canadian Parents for French Alberta and Alberta Education’s French Language Education Services joined together to produceYes, you can help!, a resource for parents with children in french second language programs. Now available online, it answers many questions and provides support to parents on issues such as:

· Why learn a second language?
· A made-in-Canada solution (What is French immersion? What does the research say?)
· I want to help, but it’s in French!
· The secondary years and beyond
· The importance of French outside of school
· But my child is…! (diverse needs in French immersion)
· What have graduates said about French immersion?

A handout that outlines the benefits of choosing French Second Language education for your children: Cognitive Benefits of FSL Education

A workbook filled with activities that introduce French to English-speaking children: CPF Early Childhood Activity Book

A handout that outlines questions commonly asked by parents considering French Immersion: French Immersion Questions and Answers

A handout that outlines the status and value of FSL education for Canadian students: French Second Language Education

Your Education Matters TV Program

Your Education Matters is the only TV program in BC dedicated to addressing education issues beyond the headlines. Hosted by Dr. Paul Shaker, Past-Dean of Education at SFU, the program provides insight and opinions from practitioners and scholars on education issues that matter for parents, students, educators and policy makers alike.

From decision-making for your child’s education to accountability and diversity in our schools to health education, Your Education Matters welcomes guests who explore the challenges and possible solutions for education issues, so viewers are informed and prepared to actively participate in making their family’s education experience successful.

Your Education Matters will air a new episode with a new topic monthly and rebroadcasts on 2 channels.

Visit: Your Education Matters TV Program

Learning French in BC & Yukon Schools

Have you ever wondered how Early Immersion differs from Late Immersion? Or what teaching approach is used in Intensive French? A new brochure entitled Learning French in B.C. & Yukon Schools answers these questions. Intended for parents eager for their children to learn French as a second or other language, this brochure gives an overview of the French programs in our schools. The main goal of this pamphlet is to clarify the differences between French Second Language programs and courses, by comparing the advantages, the approaches to language learning, the conditions of eligibility, the start date, and the duration of each. The development of English language skills and the type of diploma students who study French will receive are also discussed. Learning French in BC & Yukon Schools ENG Learning French in BC & Yukon Schools FRE

  • 2014 Strike Resource For Students In French Programs

    Twelve weeks is a long time for students to be away from a classroom. To provide French opportunities for students during the labour dispute, many French Immersion and Core French parents are searching for extra-curricular activities, day camps, tutors, and resources, en français. As of the 2012/20113 school year, 47,857 students were enrolled in French immersion programs in BC, accounting for 8.5% of the total public school student population. In addition, 187,964 students were participating…

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  • Bouquet de Merci Award

    Do you know someone whose outstanding activities and achievements have contributed to the health and vibrancy of French programs and activities for children in your community? The Bouquet de Merci is an award of recognition of the contribution by an individual or an association to the goals of Canadian Parents for French.

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  • CPF Volunteer Award

    Volunteers are at the core of CPF. Celebrate your volunteers everyday.

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  • Post 2012 AGM Resources

    Speaking Notes for the Honourable Maria Chaput

    Read More

  • Post 2011 AGM Resources

    Notes from presentations and workshops at the 2011 AGM and Conference.

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  • Find a School

    It’s never too early to introduce your child to French! From pre-school right through to post-secondary education, your child can take advantage of a vast array of French-language educational opportunities in BC, Yukon, and right across the country.

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  • French Pre-Schools

    It’s never too early to expose your child to French, and now, it’s easier than ever! Find a French-language or bilingual pre-school near you!

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  • French classes & tutoring

    A list of tutors to give your child some extra help with French.

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