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You need money to put on events and bring in entertainers (and send executive members to provincial and national conferences!) How can you get that fast cash injection with minimal labour and cost? The following are some ideas but there are many, many websites dedicated to ideas for fundraising. Don’t forget to use every opportunity to promote your chapter and always have membership forms at hand!

Chapter Fundraising Ideas:

1. Socio-cultural grants! If your chapter is up to date on reporting, you are likely eligible to apply for these funds. Find out more information on these CPF grants here!

2. More members!!!
80% of a CPF membership comes back to your chapter. Consider this: if you have 300 Immersion students in your district that would represent about 200 families. If each family took out a membership that would be 200 x $20 = $4,000. You might not even need to do any additional fundraising!

3. The Keys to French Level I & II / Les Clés du Français
If your chapter is looking for a great fundraiser, door prize at CPF events or resource to sell to parents, check out our latest reference tool! The Keys to French are two fold-out, seven full page quick reference guides to French grammar, vocabulary and verb conjugations. Level I is in French and English and is suitable for French Immersion students Grades 1 -12 and Core French students. Level II is in French only and is suitable for French Immersion students in Grades 4 – 12 and Core French students in Grades 8 – 12. The new FSL version is a combination of Level I & II, all in French, for French Immersion students. and sell for them $4 to members ($5 to non-members). At such an affordable price, you can use them as an incentive to attract new members, as a prize at one of your functions, at a book sale or on an ongoing basis as a reference tool for students. Find the order form here!

4. Maxi Club (French Book Club)
L’école des loisirs is a French publishing house that specializes in youth books. Maxi Club is a unique way to purchase quality books at an affordable price. Each year a selection of 8 books is made and they will be sent out one a month for 8 months. They have 7 different age groups. For every 12 subscriptions ordered, your chapter will receive a free subscription as a thank you for your orders. Contact Louis Anctil at 604-266-7645 or via email at [email protected]. Mention that you are a CPF-BC & Yukon chapter.

5. Outset Media
This renown Victoria based company produces quality board games. Some of the games are in French and organizations can earn up to $10.00 for almost every sale of a game. Contact Bryan at 250-592-7374 ext. 209 or via email at [email protected] for details. Web site:

6. Car wash
About a 90% return – minimal advance prep or costs.

7. Silent/live auction
Very labour intensive but if all items are donated, 100% profit. Best when offered in conjunction with another event like a French Family bowling evening/pot luck dinner. Must have lots of attendees.

8. Christmas tree/wreath/poinsettia sales
Cold, seasonal, good profit.

9. Summer bedding plant sales
Sell geraniums, impatiens, begonias. You need to have kids take around order forms and get plants prepaid, then have deliveries picked up at a school. Arrange through fundraiser organization or through your local nursery.

10. Bottle drive
Large amount of work for one day, but return (no pun intended) can be worthwhile. You can also arrange with your local bottle depot to have an account set up in your chapter’s name and have parents donate their return money to your fund. (Many people take their bottles back to the depot and don’t care if they get the change or not so having an account is an easy way to get random donations.

11. Family dance
Arrange a fun French troupe to perform and sell tickets to anyone interested in coming but give CPF members a discount. You can also have a French café set up to sell French pastries (donated), and coffee/drinks.

12. French Book Fair/resources sale
have lots of “Keys to French”, “Yes, You Can Help”, dictionaries, picture encyclopedias, etc. for sale at a small mark-up and use the opportunity to promote your activities at the same time.

13. French Film Festival
Host a French Film Festival for adults on an evening when you have brought in films for your students. You could bring in a film such as “Chocolat” and arrange with the theatre to sell delicious chocolates or other French delectables. This works well in small, independent theatres. Charge accordingly to cover the cost of the film and your food expenses plus a small mark-up.

Fundraising Resources:

NOTE: These websites do not necessarily reflect CPF’s views or opinions. CPF is not responsible for the content of any of the websites/resources and does not endorse them.

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