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In order to receive your Chapter Deposits, and to be eligible for the branch’s socio cultural grants, your chapter board contact info & chapter reporting MUST be up-to-date!

*If your Chapter’s reporting is not up to date, the Branch will hold deposits for 3 years, or until the reporting is submitted. If, after 3 years (Deadline August 1st), the reporting has not been submitted, ALL Chapter Funds will be re-absorbed into general Branch funds*


The Branch uses an online system for reporting. If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]

Report 1: Post AGM, Governance & Finances

  • Due no later than 30 days after your AGM
  • This report collects the contact information for your chapter’s newly elected (or re-elected) executive; and,  collects all your financial information:
    • Approved Budget for the coming fiscal year
    • Balance Sheet for the fiscal year that’s just closed
    • Income Statement for the fiscal year that’s just closed
  • Here’s our Excel financial reporting template, which you can use to upload your financials on the reporting form if you wish. You may also use your own form, if preferred! 2018-19 Excel Template for All Financials.

Report 2: Chapter Activities Report

  • Due August 31 each year
  • This report collects information on: Activities; Communications & Promotion; Media Relations; Governance Capacity & Volunteers; Advocacy, Outreach & Partnerships.
  • It also collects the total tally of all the volunteer hours your chapter volunteers have contributed over the course of the year. We’ve created a template to track and tally the volunteer hours.
  • It’s our hope that this tracker makes it easier for Chapters to keep track of your total volunteer hours. If you prefer to use another method to track your volunteer hours throughout the year, please use that instead – as long as you have a system in place that enables you to provide your total volunteers hours to the branch on a quarterly basis.
    • Here’s the excel version  Volunteer Hours Tracker and the pdf version is  here.
    • We also ask that your submit your volunteer hours after each socio-cultural event, within 30 days after the completion of the event. Please submit these hours to [email protected]

Why? We use this information at the Branch level to report to our funders, to put in new funding applications, to ensure accountability of Chapters, and to monitor our effectiveness as an organization. This information is periodically reviewed to try to eliminate duplication or collection of irrelevant information. All of the information collected is used by the Branch. If you have questions about how we use specific pieces of information please contact us at: [email protected]

Questions? If you are new to being part of the Executive of a CPF chapter or a volunteer society, or if you need help with these forms, or with preparing a financial statement, or any other questions about running a meeting or a board, please contact us: [email protected]

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