Deposits from 2020.08.16 to 2020.08.31

////Deposits from 2020.08.16 to 2020.08.31
Deposits from 2020.08.16 to 2020.08.312020-08-26T14:24:07-07:00
Chapter Socialcultural Grant 2019-20 Event Details


265 Noel sur Glace


4670.30 French Film Festival


150 Cultural Immersion Celebrations
Kamloops 1241.61 Carnival d’hiver, District Concours d’art oratoire
Kitimat 26 French Movie Night
N. Vancouver 171 Winter Mingle
Saanich 735 Drumming workshop, Bike Trip across the Americas
Sooke 82 District d’art oratoire
Vernon 50 Classroom & School Level Concours d’art oratoire
Wiliams Lake 2118 Luv2Groove

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