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NOTE: The entertainers and performers listed here do not necessarily reflect CPF’s views or opinions. CPF is not responsible for the content of any of the performances and does not endorse the provider of the performance or any products they offer. N.B. some websites are available in French only.

Alex Mahé is former early childhood educator, who has devoted his life to bringing smiles to little faces and to reaching out to children through his music in both French and English.

Anne Glover is an entertainer based in Victoria, BC. She has spent years enchanting audiences with her stories and string games and inspiring educators with her innovative approaches to education in both French and English.

L’Aubergine is a French clown theatre company based in Quebec.

L’Arsenal à musique
is a performing arts company, that blends various genres of music, from classical to experimental with other forms of performance art.

Art Richard is a dynamic bilingual artist who can captivate his audience with his foot tapping music. His shows are entertaining, educational and interactive.

BLOU is unique, dynamic and inspiring. Their modern and unusual music has its roots in Acadia. This Nova Scotian group has traveled to every continent on the planet.

Les Bûcherons
play traditional Francophone music and support learning through singing, dancing, and audience participation.

Charlotte Diamond is an award-winning, family-friendly musician who performs in English, French and Spanish. Check out Charlotte’s CDs, DVDs, music books, song cards, and much more on her website.

Comfort Ero is New Westminster storyteller. This former Nigerian school principal uses stories to teach children about social justice – exploring it through current events and through folk tales from numerous cultures.

CréaSon uses reinvented percussion instruments to introduce participants to the wonderful world of musical creation.

Les Echos du Pacifique
promotes Franco-Canadian culture through song. They are four voice adult choir for Francophones and Francophiles interested in French music.

Édouard et Micha are multilingual performers who perform their own songs for students.

Étienne is French educational music designed to motivate and reach students with current music styles such as hip hop, rap, rock, alternative, reggae, etc.

offers rhythmic and performing arts programs for all ages in both French and English.

Gérald Laroche is a Juno award winning master of the harmonica. He plays and tells stories and legends in French and English.

Gregg LeRock is Juno nominated French language songwriter/performer who writes curriculum-based French songs for French language students.

Jake Chenier is is one of Manitoba’s finest family performers. Whether he is performing in English or in French, Jake’s multi-cultural experiences bring an added depth to his exceptional musicianship and winning performance style.

Jacquot offers concerts for elementary students featuring his original music as well as workshops for teachers on using music to teach language.

Kouskous is a World Folk Music duo who brings the depth and richness of the songs from around the Francophone World to audiences of all ages. Our bilingual presentation features Mediterranean inspired vocal inflections and guitar stylings combined with spicy and exotic Middle Eastern Rhythms.

Legend Factory offers quality multimedia storytelling. The storyteller offers a visual and auditive representation of historical events and educational stories presented on two giant screens, complete with music and sound effects.

Major Conrad Flapps is a musician and clown, who mixes high energy, physical comedy and witty musical parody with dynamic audience participation.

Malicounda Dance Company offers West African Dance performances presented in French and English.

Manding Jata performances feature 800 years of Manding cultural arts: Kora, Mandinka & Bambara balafons, ngoni, djembe drum ensemble, flutes, dance, masquerade, acrobatics and Mande songs of celebration.

The Maple Man has scholastic workshops and custom packages to choose from. The scholastic workshop consists of a movie showing traditional making of maple syrup, followed by traditional music and dancing and then the enjoyable tasting of the maple taffy.

Le Moulin à Musique
performs an extensive musical repertoire that includes contemporary, baroque, classical and traditional music. By working with young Quebec composers, it presents a vibrant, contemporary repertoire. Its unique approach that blends music and theatre prepares children to understand and appreciate music.

La Part du Quetuex took part in CPF BC & YT’s Bilingualism Rocks Tour. They are composed of group of four talented folk musicians, who play traditional music from Quebec.

Prince Diabaté is a master Kora player from Guinea, West Africa.

Sand Northrup
is a one woman circus. She offers interactive children’s performances for schools and festivals in both French and English.

is a two-man company of theatre and dance, touring as cultural ambassadors to communities. They create magical characters, blending their skills impeccably to invent dialogue, humour, dance and emotions out of the simplest of props and human situations.

Suzanne Pinel has entertained children for two decades on both English and French television networks. She has released 15 albums and 4 videos, along with educational materials for schools.

Tante Caroline
is a touring children’s entertainer who performs in French.

Theatre la seizième is British Columbia’s Francophone theatre company.

Les Transporteurs de Rêves bring you an incredible choice of shows for all ages and settings. They have an artistic line-up of more than 40 different circus acts, letting you access the best options.

Vazzy is a bilingual duo based in BC that performs traditional music and songs from French-Canada on a variety of musical instruments. “Vazzy en Nouvelle-France” is their school, young and family audience period music and theatre show. In addition to this they also offer hands-on participatory workshops (Foot-percussion & Musical Spoons/Traditional Social Dances/Traditional songs for all ages). Vazzy has had hundreds of performances since 2005.

Will Stroet is a former educator from Vancouver, who knows how to engage kids through fun music with an educational twist. He has also led numerous workshops for French immersion and core French teachers from BC with the Vancouver School Board and will be leading a music and movement workshop this November for the School Age Child Care Professionals Association of BC. Since 2005, Will has performed more than 350 shows at schools, festivals and libraries across Canada.

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