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Name: Vidéo Stop Motion

Description: Recreate francophone history … in stop motion, a technique to make inanimate objects … animated! Youth can join a ‘stop motion’ workshop, focussing on the “freeze frame” technique.

Age: High school/University

Impact: Engages older youth in a creative & collaborative projects.

Organizing Notes:

Contact: Conseil jeunesse de Manitoba

Category: Workshop, art, media

Name: Gulf Islands Film & Television School –Quebec comes to BC!

Description: Quebecois filmmakers teach students about film at a film school on Galiano Island, BC.

Age: High School

Impact: A chance for students to work on their film skills outside the classroom, in nature, while speaking French!

Organizing Notes: n/a


Category: New Media, Camp


Name: “We love French Immersion” Video Competition

Description: University of Ottawa Video Competition challenging High School Students to say why they love French immersion.

Age: Grades 8-12

Impact: Encourages students to master principles of video-making, while fostering collaboration around a French immersion theme.

Organizing Notes: n/a

Contact: Les Rendez-vous de la francophonie

Category: New Media, Project


Name: Comic-making workshop

Description: Comics as a way to engage French speaking. This session is put on in English by Art Starts, but perhaps could be modified to be in French.

Age: Late elementary/High School

Impact: Kids combine art skills & language to allow for multi-faceted expression in French.

Organizing Notes:

Contact: Art Starts

Category: Art, Workshop


Name: “Face painting” mural

Description: A simple idea combining tracing and creativity….on windows!

Age: Elementary school

Impact: Simple, creative and engaging especially for younger grades.

Organizing Notes: Have child/student stand behind a window area and another child trace their face with colours.

Contact: n/a

Category: Art


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