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Socio-cultural Inspiration

This page is a resource for chapters who are planning socio-cultural activities,
including sample events, as well as planner notes and tips from successful past events.

October 2020 Approvals

Saanich – Drumming

“An engaging performance where one drummer introduces a variety of drums from around the world and then plays each drum. This will be organized around the current COVID restrictions and regulations. We have hosted this event in the previous year and it was so well received and  the children enjoyed it.”

Langley – Voyageur Adventure

“Grade 10 French immersion students will take part in a voyageur adventure to bring the story and experience of the fur trade voyageurs and their canoes to life.  Held in the French language and weaving in first nations and Metis perspectives, the events will include songs, culture and history.  It will use canoes and portaging, story telling and team building.”

South Cariboo – Conversation Club

“This project would be similar to the free program being offered via CPF BC & Yukon, but localized utilizing French speakers in our community or from our community. For example: FI secondary and post-secondary students. It would be a virtual Conversation Club for more French speaking practice for a group of elementary students (up to 5) within two grade levels. This is desperately needed in our community and would benefit both the younger students and the older students who are in a role to “teach” and explain what they know to someone younger. This would also help with attrition and provide purpose for our older students.”

Projects will be approved monthly until April 2021.

Planet Protector Academy

Through story, music, interactive media and live theatre, Planet Protector Academy creates inclusive, meaningful, and full-throttle experiences that children adore and that instill positive environmental values in their hearts – and in their actions. After experiencing their programs, kids feel energized, happy, and eager to put into practice what they have learned!

Planet Protector Academy is currently adapting some of their programs into French


Petit Architect

Petit Architect brings architecture and design workshops to schools in Vancouver as well as after school programs for children and youth. Their mandate is to make architecture more accessible and inspire the next generations to become educated citizens more involved in their cities so that they can design more beautiful, more welcoming and more sustainable urban spaces.

Workshops are available in both French and English.


Anne Glover

National award winner Anne Glover enthrals audiences with her dynamic storytelling and unforgettable string figures. From Buenos Aires to Tokyo to Dublin, Anne leaves communities in a merry tangle of string wherever she goes.

Anne performs fluently in English or French.


Will Stroet

Will’s Jams is children’s musician Will Stroet! He’s a Juno-nominated singer-songwriter, CBC Kids TV star, educator and dad who creates multilingual music that ignites imagination and motivates movement for the young and young-at-heart. Through witty wordplay and catchy choruses, Will inspires kids to be active, healthy, creative and engaged in the world through educational music in English and French.


Charlotte Diamond

Charlotte Diamond is an award-winning, family-friendly musician who performs in English, French and Spanish.


Théâtre la Seizième

Théâtre la Seizième is British Columbia’s only Francophone theatre company. They put on contemporary plays for theatregoers of all ages. A study guide is included with your booking which provides pre and post show writing and oral exercises on themes and subjects in the play and a lexicon that discusses the vocabulary used in the play.


The Maple Man

Workshops can be adapted to all types of learners from Kindergarten to Grade 6 who wish to understand, experiment, create and explore the different types of traditional Canadian occupations still in use today.

These cultural workshops allow your students to better understand French-Canadian traditions using a 55-minute cultural presentation as well as a film to be viewed in class before the presentation.

The Presentation Includes:

Taffy Tasting

  • Student taste buds will be awakened when they experience real maple taffy served on a bed of snow.

Transforming Maple Sap

  • A short film for all ages is shown on the big screen with live narration from the Maple Man himself.

Rhythmic Accompaniments

  • Typical French-Canadian rhythms are demonstrated with rigadoons played on the Maple Man’s violin, or by step-dancing marionettes moving to the sound of wooden spoons played by students.

Traditional French-Canadian Dance

  • Allows students to recreate the atmosphere of a sugaring-off party by dancing to French-Canadian airs accompanied by a caller directing the movements of the dancers.


Malicounda Dance

The Malicounda Dance company offers West African Dance performances presented in French and English.

Unique drumming workshops and creative interactive performances stimulate the development of leadership qualities and creative energy in participants. Louise Raymond’s personalized approach and the unique, vibrant and engaging options of Malicounda stand out in their originality.

Artistic Director Louise Raymond is an inspired and highly motivated facilitator with a vast resume of drum circle workshops and presentations spanning over 25 years. Louise is available to work in English, French and Spanish.

Musicians: Chris Isaac Larnder, Alex Flores, and Frederic Theriault

Workshops available for Elementary Students and Grade 7-12.


Les Bûcherons

Les Bûcherons’ offer lively, interactive and FUN presentations that showcase an appreciation for Canadian History and French Canadian Culture.

Through participatory, hands-on performances, your students experience chapters of Canadian history dating back to 1534. They help to build students’ awareness and appreciation for Canadian culture, music, folklore and values.

They offer workshops, half day and full day programming!

Workshops offered include:

  • Wooden Spoons: Learn to play the musical wooden spoons, hand-crafted in our wood shop!
  • Dancing Men: Learn to play the famous dancing men, hand-crafted in our wood shop!
  • Traditional French-Canadian Dance: Learn how to dance like the old-time pioneers to French-Canadian music. Line dance, circle dance, round dance & square dance lessons are offered based on Grade level and age-group.
  • Duration: Workshops are typically 30-45 minutes, but can be tailored to your event’s needs.


Marc Tardif

Marc Tardif is a bilingual creator, a facilitator, illusionist and stage performer.  He specializes in delivering motivational and educational messages and has presented close to 5000 performances in his career across Canada, in the United States and in France.

The spectacular visual aspects of the illusions, the sense of humour, the tasteful and dynamic interaction with the audience, the animals, as well as impeccable French language skills permit students to enjoy an incredible Francophone experience. Based on current curriculum, his shows feature a different theme each year. “Science”, “Francophone Culture”, “Fairytales” and “Success” have fascinated thousands of youngsters of all ages.


Sand Northrup

Juggler, unicyclist, stilter and clown Sand Northrup brings a flare for the fabulous to any festive occasion. Planning a gala, festival, school event, conference or opening? One Woman Circus offers a wealth of entertainment and educational options to enliven your event.

Available en Français or English, and the Language of Laughter.



Since 2005, the duo “Vazzy” has entertained audiences from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland and in the US. The two talented musicians offer a warm, dynamic and engaging performance of traditional French-Canadian music.

Vazzy’s repertoire includes beautiful ballads and lively humorous songs from the French-Canadian tradition, as well as toe-tapping fiddle and dance tunes from the French, Celtic, Metis and Canadian musical traditions.


For even more ideas, click here!


“We put on a Bingo night with 3 of us executives, volunteering. We do this event 2-3 times a year. We added selling pizza that night so we run it 5:30-7. We ask for donation items for our prizes. This is our main fundraiser.” (CPF Cranbrook)

“We have sold CPF t-shirts and CPF toques with the logo.” (CPF Cranbrook)


“We have put a CPF float in our winter parade. We hand out flyers and again, highlight Bonhomme. French Immersion students are on the float as well.” (CPF Cranbrook)

“We also advertise in school newsletters, through emails, social media and through teachers to encourage volunteers to come out and get involved. Since we do not have volunteers, we only run events that only need a handful of us.” (CPF Cranbrook)

Keys to Successful Event Planning

“Our events have been successful as we have some extremely dedicated volunteers who are totally committed to making things work for our youth.” (CPF Nelson)

“We try to make sure that we have a coordinator for Carnival, and a “champion” for any of the other events that we take on. This way we don’t have just one person who is trying to do everything.” (CPF Nelson)

CPF Nelson:

  • Our new coordinator met several times with the former coordinator to receive briefings, and took initiative to make some changes as well.
  • With changes in technology, we no longer need to hire a DJ—which was the case 11 years ago! Now, we have some high-school student volunteers with a playlist, and a speaker. Voilà. Instant DJ.  And an impact on our bottom line.
  • New coordinator drew in another food vendor; added variety to our sales.
  • We also welcomed in a youth fundraising group selling Tourtieres (French Canadian meat pies)

CPF Saanich:

  • Set up a volunteer team.
    • Encourage them to brainstorm away from monthly meetings.
  • Include a social aspect to make events fun and thus interesting for your volunteers.
  • Get 2 or 3 quotes for any item you may want to purchase to support an event.
  • Consider sponsorship/donations – you’d be amazed what organisations are able to offer (example, Starbucks for free coffee!).
    • Make your requests as early as possible.
  • Consider asking your PAC to make donations/secure help.
  • Must haves:
    • Objectives/goals
    • Budget
    • Volunteer time
    • School buy-in/support

“There is always risk in doing something different, but we feel it is worth it as the only way to find rich new experiences for the students.” (CPF Sooke)


“Budgeting always tricky for a small chapter.  We really try to encourage memberships, as this is a great way to bring in some money. We also look for partnerships in the community and in-king donations. And, we don’t spend much! We rely on social media, community announcements, word of mouth, and the schools to help promote events and to reduce advertising costs. We do run a print ad for our winter carnival.” (CPF Nelson)

Volunteer Engagement

“Fun & FOOD. We also have food at our AGM, at Carnival, Volunteer Appreciation. And, to give people the opportunity to PARTICIPATE in the evening. We like to have student volunteers to: prepare/serve food, wear the mascot costume, select and play the music; to feel that they are contributing. The high school students who come to wear the Mascot costume recall when they were first in French Immersion; it creates links in the program.” (CPF Nelson)

Questions to keep in mind?

CPF Saanich:

  • Does the event/investment help improve French Learning opportunities?
  • How much volunteer time is required?
  • Does the event attract new members?


“Building a partnerships with the French Advisory Committee helped us to source and pay for quality events in our district.” (CPF Sooke)

Alternative Events + Contests:

National Verbathon® Tournament

Verbathon® uses sports-style games where students are timed on how fast they can conjugate verbs as well as use those conjugation skills in context to form sentences in additional activities. The strategies in Verbathon® are adaptable to a wide range of levels. These learning activities are included in the detailed teacher’s guide with easy-to follow instructions. The Verbathon® kit contains the guide, a customized wall chart, hundreds of colour-coded cards consisting of pronouns, verbs in different tenses, adjectives, negations, and more.

It is free to participate in the tournament, but the participating teachers need to have a VERBATHON® kit to take part.


Rendez-vous de la Francophonie’s Écris-moi sans fautes!

RVF’s “Write it Right” is a spelling competition with cash prizes. The spelling challenge is prepared annually by the Language Portal of Canada team. (The Language Portal is an initiative of the Translation Bureau at Public Services and Procurement Canada.) Click on the correct bolded word or group of words out of the eleven suggested pairs, and you could win $1,000!


Poetry In Voice/Les voix de la poésie 

Poetry In Voice/Les voix de la poésie is a charitable organization that encourages Canadian students to fall in love with poetry through reading, recitation, and writing. They provide an online anthology of classic and contemporary poems and comprehensive teaching materials on our website, all free of cost. They also run student recitation competitions, where they award over $75,000 in travel and prizes annually.

Their anthology includes work by English and French poets from across Canada and around the world, their teaching resources are available in both languages, and students can compete in our recitation contests in English, in French, or bilingually.

More Entertainers:

Edouard et Micha

Edouard is offering a new presentation option: AmiÉdouArt, which involves learning activities (free of charge) for the primary, junior and intermediate FSL students.

Option 1. Édouard spends a day in the school participating in workshops with the interested teachers and their students, and presents a French interactive Musical show for all the school student population.

Option 2.  For this option, the teachers and students are asked to prepare the activities on their own and Edouard is only present for the presentation(s).


Gregg LeRock

Gregg’s high-energy concerts feature pop, reggae, hip-hop, folk, blues and Cajun styles, guaranteed to get every kid rocking and singing – all in French!

Gregg LeRock’s interactive French concerts are aimed at Gr. 1-8 students in Core, Extended French and Immersion. Each school receives song videos and lyrics so that students can learn the songs in advance. Concerts are approximately 55 minutes in length.


Le Moulin à Musique

Le Moulin à Musique is dedicated to creating, producing and distributing musical performances aimed at young audiences for artistic, educational and social purposes. Under the artistic direction of Marie-Hélène da Silva, the mission of Le Moulin à Musique is to orchestrate an encounter between young audiences and music in a spirit of creation, discovery and exchange.



Originally from Maliotenam in north-eastern Québec, Shauit Kashinemu is a remarkable singer-songwriter making a name for himself in the aboriginal community internationally, as well as in the greater music world, TV and film. Singing in Creole, French, English, but predominantly in his native Innu, his songs are honest, sometimes political, reflections of his life, his culture and his worldview. This one-of-a-kind artist ingeniously mixes Innu traditional music, indigenous folk and other popular genres – often with a reggae, pop and dancehall flavour.


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