Socio-Cultural Grants

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Grant Objectives

CPF BC & Yukon’s socio-cultural grants are funded by the BC Ministry of Education or Canadian Heritage, and are aimed at giving students socio-cultural opportunities to learn and use French.

All Chapters up to date in their reporting are eligible to receive funding for events in B.C. and Yukon.

Click Here to Apply for a Socio-Cultural Grant!

Full SCG instructions can be found in this year’s SC How-To Guide 2020-2021

Full SCG instructions can be found in this year’s SC How-To Guide 2020-2021


  • Enhance the profile of CPF
  • Use and promote the French language
  • Be available to as many French Immersion, Intensive French, and/or Core French students as possible
  • Be student-oriented (i.e. no parent language classes)
  • Occur within B.C. for B.C. students and within Yukon for Yukon students. Trips out of province/territory are not eligible.
  • Take place between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021 (NEW CYCLE!)
    • NOTE: Events that have already occurred ARE eligible, as long as they occurred after July 1, 2020. If you would like to apply for funding for an event that has already happened, skip straight to Step 5 (Reporting)!


  • Funding amount applied for must be matched by at least a 50% financial contribution from the Chapter
  • Only Chapters who have their activity and financial reporting fully up-to-date will be considered for a grant. If you need help completing your Chapter reporting, please contact Rowan at [email protected]
  • Funds CANNOT cover purchase of permanent resources (ie. books, games, movies etc.)
  • Funds CANNOT cover costs of alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis

For additional ideas and contacts for fundraising, see the latest Fundraising Options document.

Visit our Deposits page or click below to see what SCG projects were approved in previous years:

Full SCG instructions can be found in this year’s SC How-To Guide 2020-2021

SCG Reporting Form 2020-2021

Grant reporting is due WITHIN 30 DAYS of project completion OR by JUNE 25, whichever OCCURS FIRST. If reporting is not submitted by this deadline, funds will be released and may be reallocated to other projects.

Grant funds will only be paid after all reporting has been submitted with all required information and documents. This includes receipt images and survey summaries.

NEW Expense Calculator (replaces Receipt Tally)

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