Visitor parking?

Visitor parking?2016-01-07T23:50:44-08:00

SFU does not own or manage any of the parking lots located at the Surrey campus. Please note that the parking passes from SFU Burnaby do not work at SFU Surrey. It is a completely separate system. As parking is limited, faculty, staff, students and visitors are encouraged to use public transit whenever possible.

Mall parking is free and is provided for the benefit of shoppers. A three hour time limit is posted for shoppers. If no decal (for SFU students/staff/visitors) is displayed and the three-hour parking limit is exceeded a ticket with a fine of $45 will be issued or the vehicle may be towed. The vehicle’s owner is responsible for payment of a fine or towing charges. SFU Surrey has no authority to waive tickets or reverse fines.

SFU Surrey parking is restricted to the rooftop and levels P3 to P5 of the Parkade. Parking is not permitted on level P1 or P2.

Vehicles parked on P1 or P2 will be ticketed and/or towed, even if a decal is displayed. During snowy weather the Rooftop and the access ramp off of Old Yale Road are closed. The Parkade remains open during snowy weather and can be accessed off of West Whalley Ring Road.

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