Where are the judging forms and judging information?

/////Where are the judging forms and judging information?
Where are the judging forms and judging information?2017-05-29T20:47:53-07:00

Judging Forms

PDF versions of documents used in Judging the CPF BC & Yukon Branch Provincial Concours d’art oratoire can be viewed/downloaded by clicking on the links below:

2014.00.00 Rules in English & French

Formulaire d’évaluation (French)

Evaluation form (English)

Judging Information

  1. Public speaking competitions should be judged by three impartial adjudicators.
  2. Where students are participating with the expectation of moving on to other levels of competition, they must be evaluated according to judging forms and penalty forms developed by Canadian Parents for French-BC. Teachers should explain these forms and their criteria to all participating students.
  3. As stated, the judging forms remain the confidential property of the sponsoring organization.
  4. When selecting judges, coordinators should strive to balance the panel in order to reflect the various criteria such as grammar and expressiveness.
  5. Judges must be impartial. Judging requires, amongst other things, the ability to pose questions. All students must be questioned in order to ensure continuity.
  6. Suggestions for judges include teachers and principals, school board or ministry officials, federal government employees, Radio Canada personalities, university or college professors, Francophone parents and Embassy or Consulate personnel and graduates.
  7. A time keeper is also required.


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