Which topics may the students use?

/////Which topics may the students use?
Which topics may the students use?2017-05-29T20:47:52-07:00

Each student should choose a subject in which she or he is particularly interested. The student should be interested enough to want to communicate something about it to others. This should result in careful preparation and in an enthusiastic presentation. The speech may be designed to inform, to convince, or to amuse the audience. Winning presentations in past years have covered topics ranging from the intensely serious to the very lighthearted. It is suggested that students avoid subjects which might shock or offend (e.g., the more controversial aspects of religion or politics). The presentation must be the student’s original work and must be memorized, although brief notes are permitted.

It is mandatory to use the phrase, “Chers juges, chers parents, chers professeurs et chers amis,” and to state the title of the speech at the beginning. Please refer to Rules for all mandatory requirements of a speech.

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