Who is considered a Francophone?

Who is considered a Francophone?2017-05-29T20:47:53-07:00

A Francophone is a student whose mother tongue is French or who speaks French at home, even if the student is in an Immersion program.

A Francophone could also be a student who has spent time in a French milieu or who has changed programs, having previously attended a Francophone school. The intent is to have students compete against others whose language proficiency or hours of instruction in French are comparable. It is the District’s responsibility to make the determination. Naturally, all students in Écoles du programme francophone de la Colombie-Britannique compete as Francophones. If the student has changed categories, either from Francophone to French Immersion, or from Immersion to FSL, they may be required to be assessed in a telephone interview by the Provincial Chief Judge of Concours prior to be accepted as registered for the Provincial Competition. The Chief Judge’s decision is final.

To determine which students qualify to compete in the Francophone Category at Concours d’art oratoire the Catégorie Francophone Formulaire has been developed. The form below is recommended for District competitions.

Francophone Form

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