Who is eligible to compete?

Who is eligible to compete?2013-08-08T22:57:50-07:00

The competition is open to youth attending public, private or francophone schools. The schools and school districts must be a CPF associate member. Students in grades six through 12 who are studying French as a subject, or who are enrolled in early or late immersion or the programme francophone, are eligible.

Only one student may be entered per District, per category.

We would encourage individual families to become members of CPF to show support for activities such as Concours. Please click here for the benefits of joining CPF.

Schools must be Associate Members of Canadian Parents for French to participate.

School Districts:
School districts sending participants must be Associate Members.

Independent Schools:
Independent Schools will be required to hold a competition to determine one representative per category from Independent Schools (in the same manner that School Districts do). The geographic area will be applied to Independent Schools in the same manner as Public Schools. For example, only one student per category from Independent Schools in the Vancouver area, only one per category from Independent Schools from the Surrey area, etc. As registrations for Independent Schools are received, they will be contacted to advise which other Independent Schools in their area are registered. The Independent Schools will then be responsible to determine who will compete for their geographic area in each category, either via competition or whatever method they choose. Independent schools must be Associate Members.

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