2013.07.29 CPF guidelines -English – extended deadline Mix de morceaux edition été 2013 – Shuffle Summer Edition 2013

What’s the top French song for your generation? What’s the best summer 2013 French flick? Who has a top French read of the year? Post your favorites and see how it rates. Tell us what you like about it. The best posts enter the top 10 ten to win cash and have a chance to enter the top 3 by popularity voting/shares/comments. Make all those years in French pay off!

Contest Rules:

French Rules: 2013.07.29 CPF guidelines FRANÇAIS – extended deadline

English Rules: 2013.07.29 CPF guidelines -English – extended deadline

Rules (Short version)

  1. Choose your favourite French song, film, book, or other.
  2. Attach a video, photo, or simply the name of the song, film, or book in a Facebook post:
  3. You are encouraged to explain, preferably in French, why you chose the song, film, book, or other.
  4. You are encouraged but not obligated to include: your name, your grade, your school, and your municipality.
  5. Please include whether you are a BC or Yukon resident
  6. Click “post” to submit your entry.
  7. Wait until August 7th 2013 to see if your entry made the top 10.
  8. Like/vote/share or comment for your favourite entry in the top 10 from August 7 to August 11 2013.

If you don’t have facebook, you can still participate! Send in your submission as described above, with a link, to [email protected] Check back here on August 3rd to see if you made the top 10!


Francophone Youth in Action
The “Francophone Youth in Action” aims to promote French by youth for youth. The Centre of the Francophonie of the Americas invites you to celebrate the richness and diversity of the French language. What would you do to stimulate the use of French among young people in your community? Answer this question by producing a video clip showing an exciting project for your community, your school or your cultural background.

Five $ 5,000 scholarships will be awarded to the best projects. These scholarships are offered by the Centre of the Francophonie of the Americas so you can make your project. “Francophone Youth in Action” is aimed at candidates imaginative and ingenious! Prepare your cameras, cell phones or web cam and show us the projects that are both realistic and original can encourage young people to use French in their daily lives.

For more information visit the Centre of Francophonie of the Americas (French)


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