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Grant Objectives

CPF’s Socio-cultural grants are funded by the Ministry of Education/Canadian Heritage and are aimed at giving students socio-cultural opportunities to learn and use French. All Chapters up to date in their reporting are eligible to receive funding for events in BC and Yukon.

See here for the 2018-2019 Grant Approvals!

Submit grant reporting within 30 days of the completion of your project. Click here for the 2018-2019 Grant Reporting Form! Refer to Socio-cultural Grant Steps below for more information.

Grant Approvals:

Grant approvals have been sent out via email. If your Chapter has not received your updated grant approvals, check with Satwinder at [email protected]

Grant Reporting


Reporting form has 3 steps in 1: evaluation, online receipt submission, and survey submission. Paper receipts mailed in are no longer accepted. Please use the online submission process.

Grant Reporting: Submit here

Grant Reallocation or Returns Form: Click here

Survey Summary (see below for forms for distribution):

NOTE: You do not need BOTH surveys filled out. Only the one relevant for your event.

Reallocation Requests/Returns of unused funds:

To request for additional grant funds OR return unused project funds, click: here!

Deposits Page:

Click here to see what funds your chapter has received.

Socio-cultural Grant Steps (applications and reporting):

Socio-Cultural Grants: How To Guide (2018-2019)

Step 1: Before you apply for a grant
Please ensure you have read the criteria and ensure your project qualifies. See the “How To” document above.

Step 2: Apply for a grant
Use the online form for the 2018-2019 year.

Deadline to apply for the 2018-2019 school year: October 20th, 2018

Step 3: Notification of approval status:

The applicant will be notified via email when the status of approvals is posted online. If you receive “approved” or “conditional” status, please proceed with your project. This approval notification process may take approximately 1 month. (Note: you can still proceed with your event if “Not Approved” if you source out your own funding).

Step 4 – Surveys

There are two new surveys for the events- use the one that works best for your event:

  1. SURVEY: Middle/High School for STUDENTS – CPF SC Grants  – this survey should be given to students to fill out. The questions are for more senior grade students.
  2. SURVEY: Elementary Grades (for TEACHERS) – CPF SC Grants – use this survey if students are too young to answer the questions, or if the event was too difficult to hand out surveys at.

Step 5 – Grant Reporting

Complete all steps for grant reporting here!

  1. Number all receipts
  2. Fill out the receipts tally form
  3. Complete the Survey SUMMARY (you only need to submit the one relevant to your event, not necessarily both)
  4. Scan or save your receipts, forms and surveys so you are ready for online reporting

Use this GRANT REPORTING FORM with your scanned numbered receipts. Submit the reporting within 30 days of the completion of the project (or from the date of notification of approvals). Include the survey summary results in your submission! For projects held in August, the deadline for submission is August 20. No cheques will be mailed after August 30, 2019.

*Note – if you are unable to scan a copy of the receipts, or submit a pdf, please contact: [email protected]

Step 6 – Reallocation Requests

If your chapter would like to apply for a reallocation of funding, please submit a request through the online form: here. If your chapter has unused funds, this form will also accept this information for recording.

Funding Guidelines


  • Only Chapters whose reporting is fully up-to-date will be considered for a grant
  • Funds cannot cover costs of alcohol, tobacco or resources, ie. books
  • Amount applied for to the Branch must be matched by at least a 50% financial contribution from the Chapter
  • Events must be for STUDENTS or YOUTH in French as a Second Language (Events like French lessons for Parents will not be considered eligible).
  • Events MUST take place within BC for BC related schools. Out of province travel trips are not covered fort his event.

For additional ideas and contacts for fundraising, see the latest Fundraising Options 2013 document.

Click here to see what was approved for:

Chapter Payout Process

The CPF chapter organizes the event and is in charge of paying all bills prior to submitting grant evaluation to the CPF BC and Yukon Branch. Invoices and receipts are to be in the name of the Chapter.

Hence, school boards, schools or partners can contribute to the CPF Chapters but the Chapter is responsible for paying the whole amount of what was organized and issuing receipts to whomever contributed to their chapter. Once the grant evaluation is submitted with original receipts, the office will forward up to half of the funds or up to the amount approved, whichever is greater, to the chapter bank account.

Payment for Approved Projects

  • Evaluation Forms for projects held September – July are due within 30 days of project completion
  • Grant cheques will be issued only after CPF has received the evaluation form and all original receipts
  • No cheques will be issued after August 30
  • Evaluation Forms for projects held in August are due by August 25. This is a final deadline.


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