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For full details on resources, registration and general information, check out our “How-to Concours” guide!

Key 2019 Concours dates

  • March 25, 2019: Online Provincial registration opens
  • April 12, 2019: Provincial registration deadline
  • May 4, 2019: Provincial Competition, Simon Fraser University, Surrey Campus
  • TBC, 2019: National Competition 


As soon as a student has won a regional competition, the student must register for the provincial finals and pay a nominal $15 registration.

Online registration:
March 25th to April 12th > Activities > Youth Activities > Concours d’art oratoire

The registration deadline is strictly enforced and no late registrations will be accepted. The CPF BC & Yukon office must be notified of any conflicts* prior to the competition.

NOTE: District names, accuracy of names, titles and categories is extremely important. This information is
copied directly to the schedule. Please make all possible efforts to ensure the information is correct.

*The “conflict” in this portion references school/district competition dates. It does not reference
participant scheduling conflicts. In order to ensure fair access to the competition for all participants,
unfortunately special scheduling requests for participants will not be received or processed. Any request
for exception would mean another participant might not be able to attend the competition

  • $15/student. Districts can register multiple students at once (only 1 per category).

For more information, refer to our “How-to Concours” guide.

Important Links:

2018 Travel Subsidy Form

2018 BC Ferries Letter Template (schools/districts will need to add their letterhead and information prior to travel)

Teacher Resources!

Judge & Volunteer Information Page

Correct Category Assignment

About the Location

Location Map

SFU Surrey Central City Parking Map

CPF’s Concours d’art oratoire is Canada’s largest, annual French-language public-speaking competition, involving close to 10,000 students every year, and thousands of dollars worth of prizes. The aim of this public speaking contest is to stimulate the interest of students learning French, to improve their speaking skills, and to give them experience presenting in public.

This event is organized by Canadian Parents for French (CPF), who has worked together with parents and school staff since 1983 to organize school, district and provincial-level competitions. Concours is open to French Second Language (FSL) and Francophone students from grades 6 through 12 who are studying Core (Basic) or Intensive French, French immersion (Early or Late), or studying in a BC Francophone school (Conseil scolaire francophone).

Thousands of students compete at the school and district levels, and last year, almost 300 winners traveled to the new Surrey campus of Simon Fraser University for the provincial finals where they competed in a one-day event in their specific category. First place winners in grade 12 then went on to compete at the national finals in Gatineau, Quebec, across from Ottawa. This year the national finals will again take place in Gatineau.

The competition progresses through the following stages:

  1. Students participate in their local classrooms
  2. Top students move on to the School District competition
  3. Top students move on to the Provincial competition
  4. Top students in grade 12 move on to the National competition

Different categories are set out for students in French Immersion, Core French, and Francophone students. The speeches are judged by French-speaking volunteers: from university and college professors, to teachers and native Francophones, and even French immersion graduates, many of whom have themselves competed in Concours.

Important Links:

2019 Travel Subsidy Form

BC Ferries Travel Subsidy Template Letter (schools/districts will need to add their letterhead and information prior to travel)

Teacher Resources

Judge & Volunteer Information Page

Correct Category Assignment

Rules & Regulations

2019 Rules in English & French

Evaluation Form (English)

Time Keeper Form

Looking for more info? Have questions? Please contact Concours organizers Patti and Robin Holm at [email protected]!

The 2019 Provincial Concours d’art oratoire

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2018 Provincial Concours d'art oratoire

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