Bouquet de Merci Winner Heidi Clarkson

//Bouquet de Merci Winner Heidi Clarkson

Bouquet de Merci Winner Heidi Clarkson

EFI began in NW in 2003 with K and grade 1 classes at two schools. Heidi’s work truly began though in 2000-2001 when her daughter was still in preschool and CPF started lobbying SD40 for an EFI program (Adrian Dix was the director of CPF at that time). The hope was for EFI to begin in 2002 but the trustees could not make a decision quickly so they put it off a year and the following year they voted to implement EFI, starting with two grades at once. There were some very raucous public meetings over EFI – most, if not all, of the opposition was from only a few very vocal and influential Spencer catchment parents.

In the early years of EFI, Heidi was the school rep for Spencer and was chapter chair for many years, she helped start a district FAC committee with the help of Sandra Pace, she had a dream to start a monthly newsletter for our CPF members and managed to do that before ending her time as Chapter chair, and continues to be the school rep at NWSS, to list but a few details. Heidi has advocated strongly for the development of EFI in our district as well as the expansion for the program to better meet the needs of the parents who are on the waitlists. Heidi has been instrumental over the years in managing our CPF chapter and very active in pushing our district to do more with French…I would say that Heidi is very “passionate” about anything she does and she poured her heart into CPF for many years…we have all benefitted greatly from that energy and passion.

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