Bouquet de Merci Winner Pauline Mahoney

//Bouquet de Merci Winner Pauline Mahoney

Bouquet de Merci Winner Pauline Mahoney

Pauline has been an outstanding member of CPF. She has served on the executive for the past 5 years, including 4 years of service as Treasurer and one year as President. Pauline has been elected as the President of our chapter for the next school year as well.

When Pauline takes on a project, she brings to it outstanding energy, commitment, passion and persistence. Pauline has researched and brought to Muheim Elementary School a wide variety of entertainers in order to facilitate a fun learning environment for the students at our school. Muheim is a unique school as it offers both a French immersion and English-only program. Under Pauline’s direction, our CPF chapter has become almost entirely inclusive such that the English-only students experience the French talent in addition to the French immersion children. As a result, the entire student body of Muheim Elementary School has had the opportunity to acquire as great a knowledge of the French language as possible through various high quality French entertainers and educators such as Angela Roy, Will Stroet, Fana Soro, Anne Glover and many more. Pauline warmly hosted many of these special guests and made them feel welcome and wanting to return to our community. Additionally, Pauline has worked tirelessly to offer a community concert featuring these performers at least once per year in order to promote French language learning and culture in our Smithers community. Under the guidance of Pauline, our CPF chapter is also currently funding a grade 4/5 French historical project titled, “Who Named These Mountains Anyway?”. The information ascertained by this project will be turned into a professional brochure, which will be distributed in our community and at the local tourist information centre. The purpose of this brochure is to inform members of our community as well as tourists to our area of local French history. In this regard, Pauline has made it an important goal of our CPF chapter to not only bring French history and culture to our school, but also to our greater community.

In order to feature all of these fabulous performers and take on so many French cultural projects at our school, Pauline has spent countless hours applying for several grants on behalf of our chapter of CPF. She is our main grant writer. In addition to the BC-Yukon branch of CPF, Pauline has also reached out to several community-based organizations in order to bring grant money into our chapter. She has been incredibly successful in her grant writing. Without her efforts, our school would not be able to afford these wonderful performers and events. Additionally, Pauline spearheads a fair trade chocolate fundraiser each year that brings in over $1000 per school year.

With the goal of establishing and maintaining effective communication between our chapter and interested parents, Pauline has facilitated an annual fall social in order to welcome French immersion families to our school and bring together existing French immersion families in a social environment. In this regard, Pauline has educated all interested French Immersion families at our school on the available French language resources by ensuring that a tour of the library is offered as part of the fall social. In addition, Pauline ensures that the contact information of each French immersion family in our school is obtained in order to effectively communicate all of the ongoing French language events that occur within the school.

Pauline has also developed and maintained strong relationships with the School Board Trustees and other governmental agencies responsible for the provision of French language learning opportunities. In this school year alone, she has taken the time to attend School board meetings and has met with a local member of parliament in order to discuss French language learning at both elementary and high school levels. Additionally, under Pauline’s guidance, our CPF chapter has hosted a high school information night where the principal of the local high school was invited to speak to the French immersion families in regards to the specific French language learning opportunities offered at the high school level. Pauline, on behalf of our CPF chapter, also maintains contact with the president of AFFNO (the Association de Francophones et Francophiles du Nord-Ouest) and often works in conjunction with AFFNO in order to provide further French language opportunities to the students of our school as well as the Smithers community at large.

Under Pauline’s guidance and direction, our chapter of CPF has also experienced an incredible expansion of the annual winter Carnivale event. Prior to Pauline’s involvement as President of our local chapter, Carnivale used to solely consist of a very basic sugar shack. Under Pauline’s presidency, our Carnivale event now includes a much more vibrant sugar shack complete with an example of a maple tree being tapped in addition to several events such as sled-dog racing, snow painting, ice skating at our local skating rink with Bonhomme, cardboard boat races and a crepe roll up breakfast. The Carnivale event includes both the French immersion children as well as the English-only children in order to provide a more thorough and inclusive French cultural experience.

In conclusion, we hope that you consider Pauline for the Bouquet de Merci award. While Pauline is surrounded by an active executive who helps her achieve this level of success, she puts out an incredible amount of effort. Despite the innumerable amount of hours that she dedicates to our BV CPF, she never complains and is only happy to contribute in this way to our school. She is wonderful to work with and maintains a very positive attitude. She is loved by the school staff and students alike. She perfectly embodies the spirit of the Bouquet de Merci award.

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