2015 AGM & Conference

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2015 AGM & Conference

November 13-15, 2015, Richmond, BC

With delegates coming in from all across the BC & Yukon region, a great roster of workshops and speakers, as well as amazing special guests and legacy members present, our Annual Conference and AGM was impactful and an all ‘round success.

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Choosing between workshops such as Governance, Risk Management, Leadership and Communication, Event Planning – to name a few – might have been the most challenging aspect delegates faced; and no matter the selection, members left equipped with evidence-based tools and time-tested practices so that they too can go forward with running a good meeting, or planning and hosting a successful event, making a compelling presentation, or getting people fired up and engaged.

We also celebrated the many accomplishments of CPF as well as some of the individuals who’ve had a particular impact, and we were especially fortunate to have two Legacy members with us who shared their stories about all that went into establishing and expanding French Immersion in the late 70s and early 80s – and that truly highlighted how far we’ve come!

Bouquets de Merci

Dr. Renee Hamilton-Clark
Concours Chief Judge

Patricia Barkley
Langley Chapter Volunteer
Nominated by: Carol Osborne

Paige Sutton
French Immersion Teacher Award

Elaine Barbour
Legacy Member, Vancouver
After driving her daughter to Burnaby for a year to attend the Burnaby French Preschool, Elaine Barbour invited fellow east Vancouver parents to her living room in 1983 to pitch French Immersion to them and with an overwhelming turnout came a resounding yes. Several months later, after finding a teacher, space and developing a program, the East Side French Preschool welcomed its first students. Needing to then establish a French immersion grade school close to home, Elaine saw what the Kitsilano area was doing for French Immersion, and lobbied the school board to expand the program eastward. Ultimately, the early success of French Immersion in East Van can be attributed to Elaine’s dedication to inclusion, to community building, and to providing opportunities for young people to thrive. The East Side Preschool was renamed “La prématernelle pomme d’api” in 1994, but carries on this same philosophy today.

Deanna Cazes
Legacy Member, Burnaby
Deanna is a pioneer in the CPF community, having participated at the first ever conference of French immersion parent-advocates in Ottawa in 1977. She returned to Burnaby with new ideas and new friends, ready to establish the Burnaby chapter of Canadian Parents for French with the already vocal core group of parents. They had founded the Burnaby French Language Playschool two years earlier in 1975 thanks to the amazing groundwork and publicity raised by Deanna and others. All the while, the group lobbied the local school board to open an immersion program for the students of their preschool.  The school board acquiesced in 1978, introducing Burnaby’s first ever French immersion program for grade 1. Together, that same core group of parents car-pooled, networked and fund-raised and worked together on activities like Cultural Days, Concours d’Art Oratoire, Puppet Shows, Les Castors (a branch of Scouts Canada), and many other activities in French to enhance the children’s French language acquisition skills throughout their educations.

Workshop Leaders
1. Dr. Jason Cressey, Communication & Leadership; Public Speaking
2. Milena Santoro, Risk Management; Event Planning
3. Glyn Lewis, Governance

CPF BC & Yukon Board of Directors
CPF BC/YK President, Patti Holm
CPF BC/YK Vice-President, Diane Tijman
CPF BC/YK Treasurer, Greer Cummings
CPF BC/YK Secretary, Rebecca Beuschel
CPF BC/YK Director of Youth, Darian Pang
CPF BC/YK Director, Marguerite Kuiack

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