La Joie de Lire (the joy of reading)

//La Joie de Lire (the joy of reading)

La Joie de Lire (the joy of reading)

La Joie de Lire (the joy of reading) is both the title and the purpose of the programs in French at the Vancouver Writers Fest. Three authors—David Baudemont, Rhéa Dufresne, André Jacob, and one actor–Géronimo Stllton—will present themselves and their work and speak with students about their books and about writing, in five different events. The first two events will take place Tuesday, October 22; the final two events will take place Thursday, October 24. All events will take place entirely in French.

At event #3 on Tuesday, October 22, at 10 am, Rhéa Dufresne will read from her books—Ma journée, mes humeurs, Aujourd’hui, le ciel and Arachnée, to students in K-3 and K-5 as well as grades 8-12. Arachnée is based on a Greek legend that includes conflict with Athéna.

In two other events—Event #7, October 22, at 1 pm and Event # 17, October 13 at 10 am, for students in grades 8 to 12, David Baudemont will both read from his books and discuss with students his method of involving students in developing the storyline, including challenges, friendship and community through discussion of the award-winning Citrouille et Kiwi, among other books.

Past practice has shown that Géronimo Stilton, who is not an author but discusses the written word, provokes (in the best sense) non-readers to become readers, as he discusses his newspaper and other written material in events 18 (Thursday, October 23 at 10 a.m.) and 19 (Thursday, October 24 at 1 p.m.)

All events will take place entirely in French. The format of the events, with the assistance of a moderator, encourages interaction between students and authors. Study guides will be posted on the Festival website in August, to assist teachers’ preparation of their students for Festival events.

Tickets will go on sale beginning at 8 AM, September 16. School group tickets cost $8.50 per ticket for each Festival school event (includes GST) To order, go online at, call (604.681.6330 ext. 107) or fax 604.681.8400 (call ahead for order form).

A limited number of subsidies, based on financial need, are available through the Cynthia Woodward Development Program. Teachers intending to apply should fill out the form on the website, which will go up early Sept and should not be submitted until after Sept 1.

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