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Concours virtuel is returning for 2021! The program will be rolled out in February. Stay tuned for details!

Click here to see the winners!

K-5 Concours virtuel videos

6-12 Concours virtuel videos

We invite students in kindergarten through Grade 12 across Canada to record and virtually post 1-3 minute videos, en français, sharing how they are spending their time while schools are closed and events are cancelled.

This isn’t a formal speech like the traditional Concours d’art oratoire; it’s a more natural impromptu sharing exercise

Take us behind the scenes with your experiences!

  • Spending time reading? Share it with us!

  • Tu es enfin arrivé.e au bout de ta série préférée? Raconte-nous!

  • Learning how to cook? We’d love to learn too!

  • Tu découvres les joies du sport à la maison? On a hâte d’en savoir plus!

Competition Theme: Ton expérience face au virus

Participants are asked to share a video showing a behind-the-scenes look at their physical distancing practices, their experiences with remote learning, new hobbies acquired, or other personal thoughts or lessons learned through the COVID-19 outbreak. Videos are to be posted to an online platform such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Then, copy the link and paste it into your submission form. The judges will use your link to access and view your video submission.

  • Share your experience while schools are closed and events are cancelled.
  • What is life like right now?
  • What are the things you’re thinking about?
  • What new things are you learning?
  • How are you staying connected with friends and loved ones?


  • Students must reside in Canada.
  • Students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 are eligible to participate.
  • Parent/guardian permission is required for all submissions.

The Concours virtuel contest is now over, but we’re encouraging students to continue sharing their videos with us and on social media – #EnsembleADistance!

  • All entries to CPF must be submitted via the Submission Form.
  • All video entries must be presented entirely in French.
  • Entries do not have to be speeches, but should demonstrate the participant’s ability to speak in French, and should include full sentences.
  • Entries are encouraged to be creative. Video editing and music is allowed, if you have the capabilities.
  • Entries must be 1-3 minutes long, with at least one (1) minute of French speaking.
  • For students who do not wish their videos to be public, but who would still like to participate, we recommend using Youtube or Vimeo as a hosting platform. Both allow videos to be privately shared through links – that way the judges can still count them in the contest! For more instructions on how to do this for Youtube, click here. For Vimeo instructions, click here.

Social Media Posting Guide (OPTIONAL)*

Students/Parents/Guardians are encouraged to share their videos through social media and tag Conseil jeunesse francophone de la Colombie-Britannique on Facebook (@CJFCB), Twitter (@CJFCB), Instagram (@ConseilJeunesseCB), and/or Vimeo (@ConseilJeunesseCB). Share and follow the hashtag #EnsembleADistance.

  • Include the name of the registered charity that will be donated to if your entry wins. Feel free to tag the charity if you would like.
  • If you wish, tag some of your friends that you would like to challenge to make an entry.
  • If you are posting your entry privately, we would encourage you to make a social media post or story about your participation in this Concours, including the above elements.

*Social media sharing is entirely voluntary and not part of the formal competition. 

Privacy Note

  1. At the time of submission we will ask the person submitting if they give permission for the video to be shared publicly. If they do not give permission, the video will only be viewed internally.
  2. In addition, we welcome students/parents to post their Ensemble à distance videos online through their social media channels and tag the Conseil Jeunesse Francophone C.-B. and use the hashtag #EnsembleADistance. This public online sharing is entirely voluntary.

1. How do I submit my video?

Entries can be uploaded to a video hosting site of your choice, as long as they can be accessed by anyone with a link. Once you’ve uploaded your entry, please submit a link to it in the Submission Form, along with your contact information. Please see the “Submission Guidelines” for more details.

2. What if I’m not comfortable posting my video on social media, where anyone will be able to see it?

Several video hosting sites have the option to upload videos privately (ex: YouTube, Vimeo). Your entry does not have to be posted publicly, as long as it can be accessed via a direct link, which you will submit in the Submission Form. We will not share privately submitted entries in any way, except for with the Concours judges for evaluation. However, we would encourage you to still tell your friends about your participation in this Concours, and what registered charity you’d like to donate to if you win. Maybe they would like to participate too!

3. Can I include other people or pets in my video?

Of course, but please ensure you are practicing safe physical distancing guidelines from health authorities. If you want to include your parents or siblings, just ask their permission to be recorded :-)

4. What if I’m not in K-12 or a student in Canada? Can I still participate?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in the social media sharing! Just use the hashtag #EnsembleADistance so we can all follow along. That said, only Canadian students in kindergarten through grade 12 can submit their videos to be judged for cash prizes.

5. I’m in a different program other than the three French program categories, OR I’ve recently switched programs. Which category do I pick on the submission form?

If you’re choosing between two categories, think about how your French speaking abilities compare to students your age in each category. Which of them do you think your French abilities are more similar to? If you can email your teacher, they might be able to help you decide. 

Think about how long you’ve been speaking French, and how often you get to practice: Do you have a French-speaking family member who helps you practice? Have you been to a French camp, taken a French class outside of school, or spent time in a place where French is spoken? Were you in a Francophone or French immersion program, even if you aren’t now? These are all experiences that would help you improve your French, and if you think that you might have a lot more experience than your peers, consider challenging yourself by selecting a higher category!

6. Can I edit, use props, include music, etc in my video?

Oui! Based on your technology skills, feel free to get creative with your video. Here is an “introduction to video editing” for those interested in learning this skill while preparing their entry:

If you do not find an answer to your question on our website, please contact CPF BC & Yukon Project Coordinator Robin Holm at [email protected], or by phone at 778-329-9115 ext. 317, or 1-800-665-1222.

Concours virtuel – Teachers’ Poster

Download the .pdf version of our quick points Teacher Poster by clicking the image below.

Charlotte Diamond – #EnsembleADistance

Roger Dallaire – CPF Alberta – #EnsembleADistance

Yann Lacoste – Conseil jeunesse francophone de la C.-B. – #EnsembleADistance

Émilie Dubois  – CPF Saskatchewan – #EnsembleADistance

Jessy Lindsay  – CPF Ontario – #EnsembleADistance

YAO – Musician – #EnsembleADistance

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