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CPF BC & Yukon held its first Virtual Chapter Support Forum of 2021 on January 15 and 16. Over the course of the two days, attendees heard the Branch’s outlook for 2021, and learned about volunteer burnout and the need for Chapter succession planning, how to connect with local decision makers, how to get into the local news discussion, new in-class resources, and strategies for supporting advocacy and education in rural communities.

Below, you’ll find tabs which summarize the presentations of the weekend, and include recordings of the sessions and supporting documents provided by the presenters.

January Virtual Forum Presentations

CPF BC & Yukon president Nancy Taylor drew on her extensive background in volunteerism and non-profit work to emphasize the importance of effective volunteer management and succession planning for Chapters. While Chapter volunteers may have good intentions for sticking it out in a leadership role, Nancy said, without a plan for what comes next, those years of success may be at risk of falling to nothing when leaders retire from their posts.

Watch Nancy’s presentation below, or download Nancy’s slides here.

CPF BC & Yukon vice-president John Aldag, a former Member of Parliament for Cloverdale-Langley City, offered his advice, based on his experience, to Chapters on how to make meaningful connections with local decision makers to boost their advocacy opportunities and develop a stronger network of support.

“I found that what I really appreciated [as an MP] were those who reached out to me when they weren’t in times of crisis.”

John said that by developing relationships when things are good, organizations are more likely to have support when they have an advocacy ask to make.

Watch John’s presentation below, or download John’s slides here.

Sion Lanini of Dreamrider Productions had some exciting news to share with our virtual forum attendees. Planet Protector Academy, and in-class resource tailored to elementary school students learning about the environment, now has resources available in French!

Planet Protector Academy: H2Whoa! is their first module available in French.

A fun and engaging teaching resource on water conservation and protection that supports curriculum standards for Grades 3-6.

Fully funded (worth $250/class!), the resource helps you:

  • Meet BC curriculum standards for Grades 3-6 through four pre-planned lessons (approx 60-90 mins each) – plug & play!
  • Integrate Indigenous knowledge and perspectives into your lessons, with content developed in collaboration with Indigenous Elders, artists and culture keepers (learn more).
  • Engage diverse learners through a fun, interdisciplinary arts-based approach.

This project is fully funded thanks to the generosity of the Province of BC’s Francophone Affairs Program.

Watch Sion’s presentation below, or download Sion’s presentation here.

CPF BC & Yukon’s Jensen Edwards spoke about the importance of relationship-building with local reporters. News outlets, particularly in smaller communities, don’t necessarily have plentiful resources, so any tip-offs, submitted photos and event invitations are welcomed by reporters and editors. Presence in community newspapers is a great way to build name recognition for your Chapter and establish credibility.

Jensen also emphasized the importance of Chapter Facebook Pages, when it comes to reaching parents and prospective new members. He will be working with Chapters through February 2021 to establish Facebook Pages for those who don’t already have one.

Watch Jensen’s presentation below, or download Jensen’s presentation here.

CPF South Cariboo Chapter President Kimberly Vance-Lundsbye treated our January 2021 Virtual Forum audience to an inspiring array of advocacy efforts including attending teacher recruitment fairs, opening French language and culture events, such as Carnaval, to the broader community. Such an open invitation, Kimberly said, allowed CPF South Cariboo to increase its prominence in the community and offer contact points and value to people outside of the district’s French immersion classrooms.

Watch Kimberly’s presentation below.

2021 Virtual Chapter Forum

Did you attend the January 2021 Virtual Chapter Support Forum? We want to hear your feedback so that we can make the next edition’s program even stronger. Fill out the feedback survey here to help!

2021 Virtual Chapter Forum

Requested Materials

Over the course of the Virtual Chapter Support Forum, presenters and attendees referenced a variety of resources and documents. Below, you’ll find a compiled list of these requests. Looking for a document or resource that is not on our list? Email [email protected] and we’ll find it for you, right away!

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