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CPF BC & Yukon researched immersion programs in the United States to see whether or not language immersion programs are catching on with our neighbours to the South. It turns out they are, and French immersion is booming! Read our full report attached below.

US Immersion Report

Facts – Immersion in the USA:

-There are 3 main structures for immersion learning in the United States:

Total/Full Immersion – Programs in which all or almost all subjects taught in the lower grades (k-2) are taught in the foreign language; instruction in English usually increases in the upper grades (3 – 6) to 20%-50%, depending on the program.
Partial Immersion – Programs in which up to 50% of subjects are taught in the foreign language; in some programs, the material taught in the foreign language in reinforced in English.
Two-Way Immersion – Programs that give equal emphasis to English and a non-English language and in which one to two thirds of the students are native speakers of the non-English language, with the remainder being native speakers of English.
-The Center for Applied Linguistics

-French immersion is the second-most popular language immersion program in the United States, following Spanish.

-According to the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington D.C., over 1000 immersion programs are available in over 20 languages across the United States.

-Immersion education is a growing trend in America. in 2007, there were 310 full and partial immersion programs. Today, this number reaches at least 591 programs. Of these programs, 90 of those in 2007 were French immersion, today there are at least 126 French immersion programs.

-The state of Utah alone boasts over 90 immersion programs, having grown their program by 1200% since 2008.

Louisiana is the state with the most French immersion programs, counting 29 public school programs as of 2011.









Source: Center for Applied Linguistics (2011)
*This graph does not contain data for two-way immersion programs.

Waiting lists to get into French immersion can be found in many states and counties, among them:
New York

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