BC School Board Elections 2014

///BC School Board Elections 2014
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Parents Are Voters



On Saturday, November 15th, 2014 every community in the province will have School Board elections. This is a crucial opportunity for parents to ensure quality and accessible French Second Language programming in their communities over the next three years.

We encourage parents to attend their school district’s Trustee All Candidates Forum(s), engage with and ask questions of the candidates and summarize their responses to distribute to local chapter members prior to Election Day. CPF parent-led chapters can take initiative and work with their DPAC and PAC to host an All Candidates Forum if one is not yet scheduled in their community.

Here are some suggested questions:

1. What is your vision for French Second language programming in this district in the future?

2. Interest in French Immersion is higher in B.C. than in any other province, and has increased steadily over the past ten years. Will you accommodate heightened demand in our district? If so, how?

3. While overall enrolment in schools declines, enrolment in French immersion continues to increase. What is your perspective on the balance between English and French programmes in our district?

4. What do you see as the main problems facing immersion and other FSL programmes in your district? How do you propose to address these?

5. How would you involve parents as stakeholders in discussions around expanding and improving the quality of FSL programming?

6. Our school board receives additional Federal funding for every student enrolled in French second language programs – it’s part of what’s called the Official Languages Educational Protocol (OLEP) agreement. What will you do as a trustee to help ensure the parent community understands how these targeted French funds are being used?


Other ways that parents and supporters can get involved in the School Trustee Elections:

  • Talk to local media about FSL issues and invite them to attend the All-Candidates Forum.
  • Reach out to local School Trustee candidates in another way by writing an email or giving them a phone call. They may also send them a message through their official election Facebook page or Twitter account if they have one.


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