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Membership Drive Graphics, Prizes Poster & Letter Templates

We have prepared graphics, and a sponsor letter template to support Membership Drives in your own community, see below. If you have questions, please contact Jensen at [email protected]

Chapter Drive Resources

You can find other Chapter Resources for the Membership Drive here.

Main Membership Drive Page

Click here for our main Membership Drive page, which explains the basics of the value of a CPF membership and has a sign-up form embedded.

Other CPF Promotional Materials

For other promotional CPF materials like Top 10 Reasons to Join CPF, Benefits of Becoming a CPF Member, as well as PDF versions of our info brochures please visit this page.

CPF BC & Yukon Logos

CPF BC & Yukon logos and the “Proud of Two Languages” logo can be found here.

Sponsor Letter Template

Click here to download a customizable Microsoft Word template for soliciting donations from local businesses/organizations.

For best quality, either print the document out or save as a PDF to email to prospective donors. (The header and footer appear greyed out in the Word document.) Make sure to replace all the placeholder text (in upper case) with actual chapter information!

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