Top 10 Reasons to Join CPF

///Top 10 Reasons to Join CPF
Top 10 Reasons to Join CPF2013-01-24T21:50:42-08:00

Reason 10: A Strong Voice
With more than 8,000 members in BC and 24,000 across Canada, Canadian Parents For French is a powerful voice for second-language programs. In fact CPF parents are behind the emergence of just about every immersion program in BC.

Reason 9: Focus On French
We are the only non-profit organization in Canada whose focused on second-language learning in the public school system. If we don’t address your concerns, who will?

Reason 8: Resources
CPF has resources available to help you help your child in French. Our newsletter and website are packed with information about French second-language materials and activities. We also solicit and disseminate research on a whole range of topics including the cognitive benefits of French, French and multiculturalism, and learning disabilities.

Reason 7: Trouble Shooting
Wondering what to do if your child can’t read? Should children with learning disabilities stay in French immersion? Can your child go into immersion if she doesn’t speak English well? What if my child’s text book is 20 years out-of-date? CPF has chapters and representatives in at least 45 communities in BC and Yukon to help answer these kinds of questions and more. We are here to serve our members.

Reason 6: Fun in French
CPF parents organize hundreds of French-language activities and events all around the region every year. We offer countless opportunities to help your child have fun in French: Summer camps, film festivals, science day camps, swimming lessons, public-speaking competitions, etc.

Reason 5: Encouragement
CPF offers bursaries and scholarships to students going on to pursue French after high school and to university graduates planning to teach immersion in the region.

Reason 4: Promotion
CPF speaks at day cares and pre-schools, kindergarten and late immersion information nights and public events. We publish and distribute information about the benefits and variety of French educational programs, helping to keep enrolment high, so your child’s educational program remains rich and secure.

Reason 3: Public Speaking
CPF organizes Concours d’Art Oratoire, a national public speaking competition in which more than 10,000 students compete for great prizes each year including books, cash, trips to Ottawa and $20,000 in university scholarships.

Reason 2: Volunteer Satisfaction
Being part of CPF is rewarding and exciting and you don’t have to speak French! It’s the perfect opportunity to bolster your resume while staying engaged in your child’s educational and recreational life.

And the number one reason to become a member,

REASON #1: Your Child!

Do it because you care about your child’s education. Help us continue to create and sustain strong, vibrant and exciting French educational, cultural and sporting activities for your child. Fill in your membership form today!!!


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