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The CPF BC & Yukon branch has partnered with REEL Canada to provide an exciting French-language cultural opportunity for chapters!

The branch will provide $200 to Chapters that host a “150 Canadian Film” screening in their local school, or community.

Registration Directions

  • Who fills out the registration form?
    o   The person your local CPF Chapter board has designated as the contact person for National Canadian Film Day 150
    o   This role includes registering on behalf of your chapter, and liaising on all logistics to activate the event locally
  • We prefer that you provide responses to all questions on the registration form, but if there are instances where you’re not sure how to reply, please leave it blank; however, the following questions must be answered:
    o   Name of Organization
    o   Where would you like your film copy delivered
    o   Film Title/s
  • Where ever you see an * in the registration form, you must provide the information
  • Remember, your Chapter may screen more than one film, but will still receive $200 total. There is no extra funding.
  • Screenings take place on Wednesday, April 19 *see note in Q&A

Deadline to register: Wednesday, February 15, 6pm (NO exceptions)

Film Selections

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Registration Form

Follow this link for the registration form:

A few frequent Q & A:

  1. How will the film/s come?  
    a.      In DVD format and snail-mailed to the address you indicate on the registration form
    b.      All film screening rights costs are covered by CPF BC & Yukon (so there’s no cost to your chapter)
  2. What if several schools request the same film for the same date?
    a.      We will obtain multiple copies if more than one organization chooses the same film. Organizations are free to make their choice without worrying about that.
  3. * Is April 19th  a hard deadline for the screenings to wrap up?
    a.      We encourage all the screenings to happen on April 19th, as we’ll be doing a lot of social media that day and it’s fun to be a part of! That said, the film rights have been obtained for screenings between April 16th and April 23rd, so exceptions can be made if need be.
    b.      Your screening needs to make sense for your community, the facilities you access, and your audience, and so can be hosted at the time, day and location of your choosing. That said, we hope as many chapters (across Canada!) host their event on April 19 so that we can make a big promotional splash for CPF.
  4. What is the screening party kit? Do the CPF chapters receive this?
    a.      Yes, they can! The screening party kit is a fun box of swag that you can give away, raffle off – whatever you like! It’s a fun party pack :)
  5. Can we screen more than one film?
    a.      Yes! Your Chapter can screen more than one film, but will still receive $200. There is no extra funding. If you host more than one film, in more than one location, you’ll have to decide how to portion out the funding between the locations and organizers (if you have additional people helping at the various locations).
  6. How will our chapter receive the $200?
    a.      Following the wrap-up of National Canadian Film Day 150, toward the end of April, your chapter will receive the $200 as a direct deposit into your chapter account.
  7. Can we use this event as a fundraiser for our Chapter?
    a.     Yes! You may dovetail this screening with other events your Chapter has planned already, such as:
    i.      a fundraiser (be sure to have plenty of CPF promotional/informational material on hand)
    ii.     connected to a screening you planned as part of a Socio-Cultural grant you received

Bon cinéma tout le monde!


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