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The challenge in the delivery of French second language (FSL) education is to ensure that all students, no matter where they live, what their socio-economic background, first language, or intellectual ability, have equal opportunity to access quality French educational opportunities. CPF BC & Yukon has identified three key areas for continued improvement:

1) Program access
2) Students with learning challenges
3) Shortage of qualified French second language teachers.

Here are some resources relating to these three areas.

Teacher Shortage:

Letter to the Minister of Education re: Teacher Shortage 2018.

FSL Teacher Supply and Demand in Canada 2017.

2017 State of FSL eduction in Canada.

Falling Behind: 2015 Report On The Shortage Of Teachers In French Immersion & Core French Programs In BC & Yukon.

2014 State of FSL education in BC and Yukon.

This summarizes the key findings of the two reports below:
2014 Report on French Immersion and Core French in British Columbia and Yukon: Trends in Enrolment, Popularity, and Attrition:

CPF BC/YK 2013 – 2018 Action Plan For FSL Education in British Columbia:

Building on Success – Looking To The Future 

2013 State of FSL education in BC and Yukon:

2013 French Second Language Programs in British Columbia and Yukon: Summary of Findings

2013 French Second Language Programs in British Columbia and Yukon: Trends, Challenges, and Best Practices

2013 State Of FSL In BC & A Roadmap Moving Forward // Portrait de l’enseignement du français langue seconde en Colombie-Britannique & cap vers l’avenir

Students with Diverse Learning Needs:

Strategy in Special Education for French Immersion and Extended French Students CPF Ontario

Is Immersion Right for Students with Academic Challenges? Fred Genesee, PhD, in The State of French Second-Language Education in Canada 2008, Canadian Parents for French, pages 12-13.

Diversity in French Immersion Information for education professionals, consultants and specialists – Alberta Education.

Inclusion of Students with Diverse Needs in French Immersion Schools What School Administrators Need to Know – Alberta Education.

Diversity in French Immersion Classrooms A Quick Inclusion Guide for Teachers – Alberta Education.

Inclusive practice in French immersion Martine Pellerin, PhD, 2009.

Allophone Students

Opening the Doors to Official-Language Learning for Allophones Callie Mady, PhD

State of French-Second-Language Education in Canada 2010 Pages 5 – 9 for information on Allophones and FSL programs


Quotes on the importance of transportation to French immersion programs

Sample Briefs/Submissions

CPF Chapter submission to school board on transportation review

Research & Reports

CPF Ontario Transportation Study 2001

CPF Ontario Transportation Study 2008

Ministries of Education Policies

Provincial Ministries that have policies on equitable access (review pages 10-12)

Ministry Memos and Other Documentation

School Board Funding Projections – Ontario

Further Resources available here

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