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Pamphlets & Handouts

A one page document that outlines the benefits of learning French as a Second Language, and also summarizes what CPF is: Why Learn French Handout

A general overview of CPF in BC & Yukon: what CPF is, what the membership benefits are, how the Branch is structured and why parents should join CPF; a membership form is also included: CPF BC & Yukon

Information on the benefits of an organization joining CPF as an Associate Member. Join national groups and show support for French-second-language education: Associate Membership in CPF

Answers to commonly asked questions about the core French program, such as what to look for in a core French program: Core French

Information about how CPF works with educators in support of French-second-language education and about how a membership can benefit educators: CPF and the Educator

A summary of landmark FSL research studies and description of French immersion students’ results in current testing. Important Note: our branch phone number included in this PDF is out-of-date: French Immersion Programs – Math and English Language Skills

An outline of the many benefits of a French-language education for your child. A smart choice! (bilingual): I’m Learning French!

An outline of the many benefits of choosing a career teaching French as a second language. You’re in demand! (bilingual): I’m Teaching in French Because

An outline of the numerous benefits of continuing a French-language education. Build on a smart choice! (bilingual): Stay in French

Information about CPF (and how you can advocate for French-second-language, sponsor youth activities, etc.) and the benefits of membership with Canadian Parents for French: You and CPF

Multicultural brochures are also available here.

Most of the above pamphlets can also be ordered free of charge from CPF National at their Resource Order Form page.


These 12 posters are available by request.

(The text written on each is as follows, from top left to bottom right).

“I’M STAYING IN FRENCH Because…I’m Canadian. /
MOI, JE CONTINUE EN FRANÇAIS parce que…je suis canadienne.”“I’M STAYING IN FRENCH Because…I’m going places. /
MOI, JE CONTINUE EN FRANÇAIS parce que…j’ai l’intention d’aller loin.”“I’M STAYING IN FRENCH Because…It looks great on my résumé. /
MOI, JE CONTINUE EN FRANÇAIS parce que…c’est super dans mon CV.”“I’M STAYING IN FRENCH Because…I’ve got a rendez-vous with the world. /
MOI, JE CONTINUE EN FRANÇAIS parce que…j’ai rendez-vous avec le monde entier.”“I’M STAYING IN FRENCH Because…It’s fun! /
MOI, JE CONTINUE EN FRANÇAIS parce que…j’aime ça!”“THEY’RE LEARNING IN FRENCH Because…We want the world for them. /
ILS APPRENENT EN FRANÇAIS parce qu’on veut…que le monde leur appartienne.”“I’M LEARNING FRENCH Because…More friends means more fun! /
MOI, J’APPRENDS LE FRANÇAIS parce que…j’aime avoir plein d’amis.”“I’M LEARNING FRENCH Because…French is a working language. /
MOI, J’APPRENDS LE FRANÇAIS parce que…c’est un langue de travail.”“I’M STAYING IN FRENCH Because…I can connect with people all over the world. /
MOI, JE CONTINUE EN FRANÇAIS parce que…je veux connaître des gens dans tous les pays du monde.”“WE’RE STAYING IN FRENCH Because…We’re keeping our options open. /
ON CONTINUE EN FRANÇAIS parce que…ça nous offer toutes sortes de possibilités!”“I’M LEARNING FRENCH Because…I’m not afraid of differences. /
MOI, J’APPRENDS LE FRANÇAIS parce que…j’aime découvrir les différences.”“I’M LEARNING FRENCH Because…My brain gets a boost. /
MOI, J’APPRENDS LE FRANÇAIS parce que…ça stimule ma matière grise.”

To order, please see CPF National’s Resource Order Form. N.B. The posters themselves are free however shipping costs will be invoiced to your Chapter.

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