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It’s never too early to introduce your child to French! From pre-school right through to post-secondary education, your child can take advantage of a vast array of French-language educational opportunities in BC, Yukon, and right across the country.

There are many, many routes to bilingualism. On these pages you will find comprehensive listings of schools – including preschools, elementary, secondary, colleges and universities – each offering a range of French-second-language programs. These include everything from French immersion to basic French, and from French-language babysitting courses to law programs. We’ll help you locate the school nearest your home, plus give you information on scholarships and bursaries for which students are eligible. In looking for the French program appropriate for you or your child, keep in mind the following distinctions:

Core (Basic) French: French is taught as a subject, generally from grade five to eight. Some districts offer core French from Kindergarten. Most high schools offer Core French as an elective through to grade 12.

French Immersion: program in which students take all school subjects including art, social studies and physical education in French in the first few years. Early French immersion begins in Kindergarten or grade 1; Late French immersion begins in grade 6 (grade 5 in Howe Sound School District). English is gradually introduced starting in Grade 3 or 4 for early French immersion, or in Grade 7 for late French immersion.

Intensive French: relatively new approach to teaching basic French in which students study the French language intensively in grades six and seven.

French First Language: this program available only to children of Francophone heritage.

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To find listings of these schools and the programs they provide, in your area, please visit this external link on the BC Ministry of Education website:
Here you will have access to a search menu by program in your area. The BC MOE also has a School Profile Tool on their website, that will help parents assess and monitor school performance and make informed school choices.

List of schools with French Immersion in BC
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