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///The CPF BC & Yukon Teacher Award
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Paige Sutton, 2015 CPF BC & Yukon Teacher Award recipient at the 2015 CPF BC&YK Conference and AGM in Richmond, BC

The CPF BC & Yukon Teacher Award

Since 1992, CPF BC & Yukon has been proud to offer a financial award to one or two university students completing their post-secondary education studies and planning to teach French as a second language (immersion, intensive, or core) in BC or Yukon.

The award is valued at $2,000, and up to two awards are granted each year. The deadline is in May of each year, and the results are announced each October.

Do you know someone who has what it takes?

Please review the submission guidelines below to be sure to meet all the criteria.

Application Deadline: May 15, 2018

The following documents are requested as part of your application:

  1. The completed application form
  2. A letter addressed to the CPF BC & Yukon Award Selection Committee outlining your experience; please include descriptions of:
    a. work or volunteer experience with youth
    b. participation in community affairs using French
    c. the candidate’s goals
  3. Proof of graduation from a BC or Yukon high school (preference may be given to an FSL graduate, either Immersion, Intensive or Core, and applicants must be a graduate from a BC/Yukon school)
  4. Proof of acceptance into a French PDP program at a recognized university, OR proof of acceptance into a recognized Bachelor of Education Program
  5. Valid CPF membership number (check CPF membership status here)
  6. One letter of reference verifying an acceptable competency in the French language from your Professor, supervisory teacher or Education Office
  7. Current transcripts from university
  8. Proof of Practicum

If successful the applicant will be required to submit proof that they have obtained a French teaching position at a public school in BC or Yukon within two years of being selected.

Preference will be given to candidates who:

  1. Demonstrate sound academic record
  2. Participate in community affairs using the French language
  3. Demonstrate an aptitude for teaching

How to apply:

You may email, fax, or mail your application to our Branch office. Please ensure that all requested documents are included. The deadline is May 15.

  • Email using this link
  • Fax 1.888.678.1780
  • Mailing address:
    #227 – 1555 West 7th Avenue
    Vancouver, British Columbia, V6J 1S1


  1. Have graduated from a high school in BC or Yukon
  2. Have been in a French Professional Development Program at a recognized university within the last year, OR
    Be in their professional year in a Bachelor of Education degree at a recognized university or university college
  3. Have completed at least one practicum in a French Immersion setting within the last six months
    AND have at least one letter of reference verifying an acceptable standard of French
  4. Be a current member of Canadian Parents for French.
  5. To receive the award the selected candidate must accept a French (core or immersion) teaching position at a public school in BC or Yukon.

Previous Winners

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