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French Language programs are booming in BC and Yukon! In the region, over 52,000 students are in French Immersion, and over 200,000 more are in Core French Programs!

However, in 2015, over 20 BC school districts had significant waitlists for students entering French Immersion Kindergarten, denying hundreds of students the opportunity of a bilingual education.

When bilingual Canadians earn an average of 10% more than unilingual Canadians, these waitlists deny opportunity for years to come!

Here are some ways to support French language education in BC & the Yukon: 


Our members are the driving force of CPF BC & Yukon. Members bring new energy, new perspectives and new enthusiasm. 80% of your membership fee goes right back to your local chapter! Click here for more info about CPF Membership.


Your local chapter is always looking for volunteers to help animate events, manage their web presence and support French classes at school. Contact us to get in touch with your local chapter representatives.


Have fun in French with these engaging resources!


  • A renewable, one time, or Legacy donation is a great way to ensure that French language education can offer your community’s youth the bilingual advantage.

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By donating to CPF BC & Yukon, you will be:

  • Supporting student events like Concours d’art oratoire;
  • Funding research into the benefits of bilingualism and its obstacles for advocacy purposes;
  • Supporting French-language cultural events at the chapter level.

By donating to CPF BC & Yukon Branch, care of a specific Chapter, you will be:

    • Helping local students travel to compete in Concours d’art oratoire;
    • Funding French-language presentations and events from award-winning entertainers;
    • Helping to acquire French-language books and resources for your local schools;
    • Supporting local scholarships for students looking to pursue post-secondary studies in French.

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You can also donate though the following methods:

By mail:
Send Cheque and details of donation to:
Canadian Parents for French – BC and Yukon Branch
227 – 1555 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6J 1S1

By phone
Please call us toll free at 778.329.9115 or Toll Free at 1.800.665.1222
for further inquiries.

You can view CPF BC & Yukon’s full charity return on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

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