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The Project:

Supported by the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, Canadian Parents for French BC & Yukon collaborated with CPF Alberta, Radio-Canada, and Canadian Heritage to set out to discover how and what what graduates from French programs of BC, Yukon, and Alberta, are doing today.

We’ve heard stories from Olympians, journalists, business executives, teachers, and many others for whom bilingualism has enriched their lives!

Below you will find 25 profiles featuring a handful of the stories we have heard. For teachers, we have created a great resource packed full of suggestions on how to use this project in your own classroom as well as 5 downloadable posters to decorate the classroom.

Visit the Where Are They Now Resource page.

We love to hear feedback to improve and add to our projects. Whether you are an educator, a student or a parent, please let us know what you think about WhereAreTheyNow.ca!

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The Stories:

Click on the images below to see the interviews with French program graduates and to learn more about what they have done thanks to French! Select a province to view all of the grads interviewed from that region.

Click here to view the interviews on Youtube.

Alberta       British Columbia       Yukon




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British Columbia


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Other Notable French Program Graduates

Sarah Chalke – actor – Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, Backstrom

Hometown: North Vancouver, BC, French immersion

– Video: Discussing her French Immersion education with Conan O’Brien 


– Video: Speaking French on Scrubs

Evangeline Lilly – actor – Lost, The Hobbit

City of graduation: Abbotsford, BC – W.J. Mouat Secondary School, French immersion

– Video: Speaking French at the Cannes Film Festival

Coco Rocha – model

Hometown: Richmond, BC – Hugh McRoberts Secondary School, French immersion

– Video: Interview in Québec


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