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CPF’s French-second-language (FSL) tools and resources for parents, students, educators, and anyone else seeking assistance are extensive. Whether you’re looking for information on FSL education in Canada, activities to assist your child in his or her studies, or tools to assess and improve your school’s FSL performance, CPF can help point you in the right direction.

Concours virtuel

We asked French students across Canada to share their experiences learning and having fun at home through videos while in-class learning is put on hold. Check out our site – Concours virtuel | Ensemble à distance – to learn more!

Open School BC

This provincial resource is a one-stop shop for suggestions on day and lesson planning, all wrapped in with a solid list of go-to French-language resources.

French for the Future’s Francoconnexion

Francoconnexion is a free toolkit of educational resources specifically designed to raise awareness about the advantages (and the fun!) of speaking French. You can use these resources to organize a Franconnexion Session with your learners in any grade from 7 to 12!

Camp TFO | Idéllo

Idéllo has created a free hub for parents, teachers and students to find French-language resources for all grades. From webinar supports for homeschooling to structured day plans for home learning, Idéllo’s platform is a great spot to find fresh ideas every day.

• CPF Delta’s Grade-by-Grade Resource Folder

We’ll happily admit that our Chapter volunteers are simply the best. CPF Delta has built a Google Drive Folder with resources organized for all ages. Check it out here!

Musée Canadien de l’histoire

Explore Canada’s national history museum, located in Gatineau, Que., from the comfort of your own home. Online materials are available for many exhibitions in the institution’s collection.

Musée Canadien de la guerre

Just like the history museum, Canada’s war museum allows virtual visitors to tour many of its exhibits online and en français! 

CBC’s Curio

Curio is a relatively new resource created by CBC and Radio-Canada made up of interactive educational components for everything from science and math to grammar and reading comprehension. It even boasts news items to help kids get engaged with their world.

Radio-Canada’s Zone Jeunesse

Games, apps, videos and contests, need we say more? Zone Jeunesse makes learning fun for elementary students through engaging content. 

TV5 Monde – Jeunesse

TV5 began as a television network supported by francophone countries around the world, including Canada. Now, it’s youth section features gamified quizzes on culture, grammar and vocabulary. It also has a handy section for “école à la maison” – schooling at home.

It would be fair to say this section might not be the *most* attractive to kids, but we promise there are some very valuable resources out there to help students get their verbs down pat.

NouvelObs – Conjugaison

Just type a verb into the search bar and find the conjugations for all the relevant tenses – it’s that easy! NouvelObs also offers practice exercises related to reading comprehension, grammar and verb usage for various knowledge levels.

For any books, your first stop could be as close as your local library’s website. Many libraries have free e-book options (even for people without library cards!) which can offer lots of new French reading material for all ages. Of course, there are lots of other options available too.

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

Beyond your own local library, Quebec’s major library is likely the next-best spot to go for a wide variety of reading materials. Espace Jeunes boasts more than 250 titles for children.

Click here for more French resources
B.C. Listing of French and Francophone Resources
  • For Parents

    Resources to help you help your children.

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  • For Students

    Tools and activities for FSL students in Canada

    Read More

  • For Educators

    Teachers and school administrators make up an important part of CPF.

    Read More

  • Francophone Cultural Resources

    A repository of French-Canadian cultural resources that can help strengthen the Francophile/FSL community in BC and Yukon and throughout Canada.

    Read More

  • Promotional Material

    A collection of pamphlets and posters promoting CPF.

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  • Q&A

    Check out our extensive list of FAQs.

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